Contemporary Chinese Herbalism for Horse and Dog Health

Our Herbal Solutions are more targeted than supplements as they are derived from the integration of Contemporary Chinese herbalism and pathophysiology. Each Solution has been precisely formulated by Dr. Thomas with strict adherence to Chinese medical theory and the pharmacologic actions of each herb used. Every formula is comprised of herb groupings chosen to target the root of the underlying problem as well as herb groupings to relieve the symptoms.

This is holistic medicine at its finest. As Chinese Medical theory is rooted in Taoism, the dynamic interplay within the body is the core concept in every formulation.

All the herbs we use are pharmaceutical grade extracts manufactured with surgical precision in a bio-medical laboratory through Evergreen Herbs. Evergreen has insured the "seed to shelf" quality of their herbs through careful selection of their growers and the use of state of the art extraction and quality control methodology.