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Horses. They hold our hearts, and yours or you wouldn’t be here. And when they’re sick or injured our hearts break. Waking up each morning to rush out to a hurting horse, or going to bed knowing our dear horse is finding no relief tears us, and our hearts apart. We know that feeling, we’ve lived it. As has every horse caregiver.

We founded “For Love of the Horse” more than fourteen year ago to help horses and their people navigate those heartbreaking, trying, tearful times. And provide real answers for real issues. We’ve turned the health around for thousands of horses, a great many who’s caretakers had come to us as a last resort — when conventional veterinarians had suggested there is no hope, euthanasia was believed the only answer, we gave them health and life.

Dr. Thomas draws on his extensive knowledge of Contemporary Chinese Herbalism to formulate precise blends for a wide range of common, and not so common, ailments and conditions horses experience. Before Dr. Thomas began his life in Chinese Medicine he was on the MIT research staff in the Department of Brain Science. This rigorous research past and his inherent ability to think as a scientist contribute to Dr. Thomas’ exceptional competence.

We only use the highest quality, authentic, and safest herbs in every one of our herbal solutions. All herbs are NOT created equal.

We also commit to giving you the customer care service and support you need to help you choose the herbal solutions that are right for your horse from our existing Solution line. Our customer care staff is superb, well-trained, and totally committed to helping you and your horse. But it does not stop there. If your horse has a problem that cannot be solved with these Solutions, you can request that Dr. Thomas formulate a custom solution for your horse.

Just as Contemporary Chinese Herbalism “treats the whole horse” so do we, as a company, treat the whole horse relationship. We are here for your horse AND you.

As with everything, knowledge is power, to that end we offer articles and talks by Dr. Thomas discussing underlying processes of health problems our horses face.

There is an old saying, “If the root of a tree is diseased, you will see it in the branches, this is a symptom. But if you treat the branch, and ignore the root, the tree will continue to wither.” That is why we say “Nourish your horse’s health at the source”. Dr. Thomas’ formulations treat the root of the problem.

Allow us, allow Dr. Thomas to heal, strengthen and enrich your horse's health, so that the whole horse can flourish. Stroll through our web site, read a few articles, then for your horse, contact us.

- written by our friend Dutch Henry

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