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For Love of the Horse began in 2002. We knew the effectiveness of Dr. Thomas' herbal formulas from his many years as a physician of Chinese Medicine, and we wanted to bring this knowledge forward to the care of our animals. It started with our horses. Jesse Doe foundered and the veterinary options were so limited that Dr. Thomas researched the pathophysiology of laminitis and created a foundation formula to treat the underlying metabolic issue. That proved so successful that he began turning his expertise to other health issues in horses. Once people discovered the effectiveness of his formulas, they started asking Dr. Thomas to formulate for dogs as well. That has proved helpful for so many dogs that we eventually added dog formulas on our website. As he has worked extensively with dogs and horses, he has developed an archive of formulas for specific issues that are not on the website. If you find that your dog or horse has an issue that is not addressed by the formulas listed on the website, don’t hesitate to ask.

The love and care of our animals and yours is the heart of this company. Every decision made within the company is in line with that core concept.

To make sure that you and your animals get the full advantage of our Herbal Solutions:

We only use pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts from Evergreen Herb and Medical Supplies. They track the herbs from seed to shelf, process and test them in a biomedical laboratory and provide a certificate of analysis that assures the purity, safety and potency of each herbal extract that we use. That ensures that you know and we know that all of our animals are getting the best and most effective herbs possible.

In addition:

  • Dr. Thomas oversees all the customer care recommendations as well as reading individual bloodwork panels to determine the appropriate formulas and follow the progression of effectiveness.
  • Each formula is hand mixed to ensure precision.
  • Every order is completed with attention to detail and shipped efficiently.
  • Our customer care staff are trained by Dr. Thomas in all aspects of how the herbal formulas perform and what you can expect from them.
  • If you call or contact customer care, your concerns will be heard and addressed promptly.

Call us at (866) 537-7336
Email us at contactus@forloveofthehorse.com

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