Allergic Skin Reaction and Essential Immune Health Bundle

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Allergic Skin Reaction for Dogs 332g
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Allergic Skin Reaction and Essential Immune Health Bundle

Skin allergies plague dogs with rashes, itching and painful sores. The more they try to get relief by scratching, the more likely they are to increase the irritation, break the skin and get the area infected. For that reason we highly recommend this combination of herbal formulas. Together they address both issues and speed recovery. The Allergic Skin reaction relieves the underlying allergic skin sensitivity and the Essential Immune assists the production of the healthy white blood cells that your dog needs to throw off an infection.

Allergic Skin Reaction Solution:
The therapeutic actions of the herbs in this formula are directed to the skin and the deeper tissue just under the skin. They relieve the redness and painful swelling of sores and rashes, stop the formation of pus, speed recovery and clear the dead tissue associated with rashes and sores. This herbal solution reduces itching by soothing and moistening the skin and stopping the allergic reactions. Read more about Allergic Skin Reaction Solution

Essential Immune Health:
This herbal formula is precisely formulated to build the immune systems ability to defeat infections. It supports the production of white blood cells. Rather than simply boosting the immune system it builds it at the core. Read more about Essential Immune Health

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