Why Barefoot Matters to Your Horse's Health


Barefoot Horse Herbs HealthThe shock of concussion when a horse’s hoof hits the ground is diffused and dissipated laterally against the hoof wall.  It is not transferred vertically to the ground as this would greatly increase concussion and enhance the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries.  Read more >

Barefoot Horse Herbs HealthA true barefoot trim, modeled after a wild horse hoof which has been crafted by nature, is of utmost importance to the overall health of your horse. When the frog and sole connect with the ground they stimulate circulation to the entire hoof.  Free from restrictive shoes, the internal structures of the hoof will flex freely compensating for uneven ground and protecting the joints of the leg from injury and inflammation...   Read more >


Barefoot Care:

Are you interested in learning how to do a good barefoot trim?  These are exceptional resources for your consideration:

abchoofcare.com:  The Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care was established to provide affordable basic training in hoof care and to encourage study and research in the function of a natural equine hoof. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about hooves and develop the skills to work with equines on a private or professional level.  Read more >

equinesciencesacademy.com:   The purpose of the Equine Sciences Academy is to educate students in all key aspects of the care and custody of domesticated equines based on the study of the life way of the wild horse. A university format includes comprehensive studies on all required coursework, practical instruction, rigorous testing, and practical exams. Students completing the two year program are certified as ESA Hoof Care Practitioners. Read More >

Are you looking for a barefoot trimmer?

If you are trying to locate a barefoot trimmer near you, look here:

Spend some time learning from the excellent tutorials on barefoot trimming that are offered on the websites listed.  You will find that by taking the time to learn the basics, you will be more confident in taking care of your horse


Boots can play a huge role in the easy transition from shoes to barefoot, as well as ease the pain of horses that are mending from a laminitic episode. Here are a few options that we like:


Understanding the trim requirements needed to maintain or regain a healthy hoof is important for being able to choose a good barefoot trimmer.  Too many owners have blindly trusted a "professional" only to be disappointed.   When you know the basics, you’ll know what your trimmer is doing as well as when a trim is due or if imbalances have developed that you could easily touch up between trim appointments.  You will also have a better understanding of what you don’t want for your horse such as high heels, long toes and the most common problem, flares.  A foundered horse whose owner has learned to do the weekly touch ups always recovers more quickly with less discomfort than one that has to wait weeks for the professional trimmer.

Learn more about Barefoot Hoof Care:

fb/thehorseshoof For excellent ongoing dialogs about barefoot hoof issues.

fb/thehoofdoctor Tomas G. Teskey Veterinary Insights

hoofrehab.com This is Pete Ramey’s website and he offers a plethora of information and great articles.  Check into his DVD set if you are planning on trimming, or just want a better understanding of the hoof.

equinextion.com Informative articles and a source for barefoot trimming.  Must Read Articles by Dr. Tomas Teskey!

barefoothorse.com Instructions for a natural, "wild horse" type of barefoot trim. This site has some good articles, including one on the origin of horseshoes, and a comparison of the different trimming methods.