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Hi, I’m Melissa. As I am sure many of you will understand, I am a horse lover and have been as long as I can remember. It’s in my blood. My parents were certain (and likely HOPED) that it was just a phase, but as it turned out, I’ve not grown out of that phase! I got my “love of my life” horse, Annie, a beautiful Mustang mare, in 1998. She is still mine and she is the reason I have learned so much about horses! Now I have 2 other horses as well who have certainly also been very positive learning experiences for me! I’ve worked for a horse vet, managed a couple of barns, trained horses and I’m currently a barefoot trimmer. In December of 2008, I was welcomed to For Love of the Horse. After years of training with Dr. Thomas, I am now the Senior Horse Health Advisor there. I’ve always felt that working with horses would be my life, and it seems I’m well on track with that. It’s a life that brings me much joy.


What would you consider a “behavioral problem” with a horse?  Rearing, bucking, bolting?  Biting, kicking, or other dangerous behavior?  How about restless or hyper-sensitive and spooky?  I find it interesting, and somewhat sad, how a horse’s behavior is sometimes perceived. …
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