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Hi, I’m Melissa. As I am sure many of you will understand, I am a horse lover and have been as long as I can remember. It’s in my blood. My parents were certain (and likely HOPED) that it was just a phase, but as it turned out, I’ve not grown out of that phase! I got my “love of my life” horse, Annie, a beautiful Mustang mare, in 1998. She is still mine and she is the reason I have learned so much about horses! Now I have 2 other horses as well who have certainly also been very positive learning experiences for me! I’ve worked for a horse vet, managed a couple of barns, trained horses and I’m currently a barefoot trimmer. In December of 2008, I was welcomed to For Love of the Horse. After years of training with Dr. Thomas, I am now the Senior Horse Health Advisor there. I’ve always felt that working with horses would be my life, and it seems I’m well on track with that. It’s a life that brings me much joy.

Laminitis 101

What should you expect when your horse is diagnosed with laminitis or founder?  It’s almost impossible to know for sure.  Unless your horses laminitis was from mechanical issues, retained placenta, or another obvious non-metabolically origination, it must certainly come from…
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