For Love of the Horse

“My vet recommends euthanasia.  He says there is nothing else that can be done to save my laminitic horse.”  How many times have I heard that?  I really don’t think anything makes me more angry than when a veterinarian tells someone that they need to euthanize, because they have run out of answers.  Just because the vet (and in MOST cases, Insulin Resistance is treated as a hoof disease) has run out of answers, does NOT mean that there are no more answers!!  Western medicine has NO answers for IR and laminitis.  They treat with Bute and hoof supplements and drugs like Pergolide that do NOTHING for this disease.  Then when those things aren’t doing the job, put the horse down.  It’s the craziest thing.   They won’t open their minds to save a horse and admit that they can’t do anything else and tell someone to look at alternatives.

This is a topic I could go on and on about.  My point is, YOU are your horses advocate.  YOU are his voice.   YOU get to make that decision, not your vet and not your trimmer.  YOU.  You know when your horse is ready to go, believe me, you know.  Your vet doesn’t know and your trimmer doesn’t know.  Because you are the only advocate your horse has, it is YOUR job to find the answer for him.  It’s your job to pull out that For Love of the Horse catalog that your friend gave you 5 years ago, the one that you shoved in a drawer because when you looked at it you thought to yourself, “Pfffft, it’s voo-doo.  Herbs.  That’s ridiculous”, but you didn’t throw it away right then because you didn’t want to hurt your friends feelings.

I know these thoughts.  When I started here (after working for a vet for 3 years), I thought, “I’m sure these herbs work for some things.”  I looked at them like supplements, like most people do.  I had NO idea.  I didn’t have a problem with not giving the herbs;  not until I had a problem with a horse!  The herbs fixed a small respiratory problem.  I didn’t stop there and now have rescued several horses that I knew had problems so that I COULD fix them.  I think they would have all been “put down” by now had I not gone to get them.

So, when your veterinarian or your trimmer or your “knowledgeable” horsey friends tell you that they would just put the poor horse down, consider that there may be (and very likely IS) an answer out there.  Do the research.  LOOK.  Ask.  Don’t just make a decision based upon someone who has no connection to your horse.  Don’t make a decision that serious without asking yourself, “what IF there IS something out there to help my horse?”  Odds are, there is.

Gracie- Recovering from IR, was going to be euthanized in 2011 for laminitis.

Gracie- Recovering from IR, was going to be euthanized in 2011 for laminitis.