For Love of the Horse

Expected Recovery Time

Covering Symptoms         We often get the question, “how long can I expect to see results when I begin my  horse on the herbs?”.  That is a very difficult question to answer, because there is no set answer.

We have grown very accustomed to medications that relieve symptoms, and relieve them quickly.  After all, we have lives to live, right?  Who wants to go to work and suffer from a headache and stuffed up sinuses all day?  Nobody.  So, we take some DayQuil and set about our day.  Of course, this helps relieve symptoms, but what is our body really asking for?  Rest, maybe?  We are quick to take medications to relieve pain, decongestants to relieve a stuffy head, antacids to relieve heartburn or acid reflux.  We do all of this without once questioning WHAT we are really taking and whether or not this is really fixing a problem.

We do the same with our horses.  When they have a problem, we obviously don’t want to see them suffer and we want them better quickly.  But, better quickly isn’t always the right answer.  Healing takes time.  The amount of time it takes depends on a number of factors beyond our control.  We have to take into consideration several things.  How old is your horse?  How long has the horse had the problem?  What environmental factors contribute to the problem?  What “job” is the horse doing that may affect the recovery?  How severe is the problem?  What is the current health of the horse at the time?  This is just to name a few.

The herbs are only one piece of the equation when it comes to recovery time.  Every element has to be considered when trying to assess the time in which one can expect any noticeable results from any form of treatment.  The horse as a whole must also be considered.

Our goal is for your horse to get better.  That’s why we are here to walk through the entire recovery with you.  We love it when horses have a very quick recovery, nothing makes us happier!  But we also know that healing, in most cases, takes time and patience.  We’d rather it take time than to see a horse have what appears to be a “successful” outcome, only to take 3 steps backward later.  Healing does happen, if it is allowed to come from the inside out.  That’s what WE want.