For Love of the Horse

It’s a New Year

As we go into another new year, I hope we can all reflect back on the previous year with more knowledge and experience.  Whether we have been through the ringer with our horses’ health, or the year has gone without flaw, I hope we all have gained more knowledge that will help us make our horses even happier and healthier in the New Year!

It can be frustrating when you do all you can for your horse, and yet they remain sick or hoof sore.  I recently read a short article and had to wonder if we do play more of a part than we realize, in the recovery of our horses, through our worries.  The article stated that our horses will “pick up” on the energy of our worrying and will then worry about themselves, halting any recovery.  I’ve seen this with my own eyes and until I read that article, I just couldn’t pinpoint why some horses recover so much quicker than others, even if their problem is alike and the treatment strategies are the same.  Because horses rely so much on their senses, I think it could very well be true that they pick up on our thoughts and worries.

Without our horses, our hearts would be empty.

Without our horses, our hearts would be empty.

If you are frustrated about where your horse is, health wise, hang in there.  Keep reading and researching and doing all you can for your horse.  Let your horse be the judge of what works and be sure you give your horse time to respond to a treatment.  Sometimes we look for immediate relief and then move on when we don’t get it.  A lot of the time, the treatment that works the best takes the longest to see results.

I hope you all have a moment to be thankful for your horses.  These beings may bring us stress and frustration, but they bring us many good memories, love and a connection that we can cherish.  Hang on to that and go into 2016 with a positive outlook.  I think your horse will appreciate the positive thoughts!  If you have had a wonderful year, may this continue.  If you have had a rocky year, may you use your experience to make things better this coming year.  Happy New Year to you and your horses!