For Love of the Horse

Laminitis 101 – Your Horse CAN Recover

Even though it is important to address an IR horse’s diet, exercise, and hooves, it is equally as important (maybe even more so) to address the problem metabolically.

Because IR is a genetic disease, it will progress even with these changes.  These changes are important, of course, just as it is important for a Diabetic to change THEIR diet, but the metabolic aspect MUST be addressed at the root.  This is the same with our IR horses.  This metabolic dysfunction will need to be addressed at the root.  If it isn’t, the disease will progress and the problems that come with it will only get worse.

Thus far, the only thing I am aware of that will actually address IR at the ROOT, is a formula from Dr Thomas at For Love of the Horse.  His research into this disease has let him to create his EMS/IR/Cushing’s formula.  This is the foundation formula for the recovery from IR in all aspects.  It is created from literally years of extensive research into the pathophysiology of the underlying metabolic dysfunction.

I hope that the Laminitis 101 series has proven to be enlightening and helpful to those with questions about what to do next.  It is scary when you are going through it, but when you are on the other side, you can look back at the situation knowing you now have the knowledge and experience it takes to help another horse, whether it be your horse or your friend’s horse.

I have been through this with a horse I picked up.  I knew that she had IR and was laminitic before I got her, but I did so anyway because I KNEW that there was hope for her and that she didn’t need to be put down.  Today, Gracie is 100% sound and free from laminitis.

Gracie is healthy and happy with no more laminitis!

Gracie is healthy and happy with no more laminitis!

Don’t settle on the idea that your horse can’t recover and that this is a death sentence, it isn’t.