For Love of the Horse

Lily and Ringbone


Lily today

My ex-husband saw an ad on Craigslist for a ten year old, black Quarter Horse mare, and just HAD to have this horse.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to add another horse to our 8, but since I have a problem saying “no” to any horse, we went to take a look.

Lily was in a dark barn in a makeshift stall made of tube gates.  There were 2 barns and about 20 horses, all in the same dark stalls.  The property was too small for any turnout so all of the horses lived in stalls, all day, every day.  Lily was beautiful for sure, but there was a problem.  Lily was DEAD lame on her front right foot.  The foot was smaller and had quite a large crack that went deep and all the way up to her coronary band.  There at the coronary band was a huge bump.  Ringbone.

Lily had been in an accident in which she ran a piece of wood into her coronary band above the hoof.  This damage had been so great that she had now developed a bony overgrowth called Ringbone.  Hers was pretty severe in that she couldn’t walk on that foot and had developed a slight club foot because of it.  This injury was about 2 ½ years old.  I felt horribly sorry for this mare and told the lady about For Love of the Horse and the herbs that could fix this poor girl.  It turned out that the lady just wanted rid of some horses and didn’t want to spend any money on her, so she opted to trade this well-bred mare for a few rope halters.

I called Dr. Thomas immediately, told him of Lily, and he began formulating.  The result was the Ringbone/Bone Spur formula.  I picked Lily up a week later and she had her first dose of herbs before she limped onto my trailer.


A sound and happy Lily today.

Two months later Lily was sound after aggressively dosing her with the herbs.  I continued with the herbs for several months and then stopped.  Two years later, Lily is still 100% sound and no longer on the herbs.  The only evidence of her ringbone is a small cosmetic bump, which would completely dissolve if I continued the herbs for a bit longer, but since she is sound, I’m not concerned at all.

The point is that this mare would have been put down or sold as a broodmare, because Western medicine really doesn’t have an answer for this problem.  If you take the time to look for another answer for your horses’ problems, you may be surprised at what you find.  Your horse will thank you!