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Natural Pain Relief

Cooler nights are a sign of the coming fall season, and a horse owner might take notice of some “morning stiffness” that will come with the change in temperature as well. Any horse who has arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, or an injury, may be even more susceptible to the cooler temperatures and you might notice that the pain or discomfort increases during those times. A horse with any sort of musculoskeletal discomfort will be sore overall due to compensation for the pain and you will notice that the already tight musculoskeletal system will become even tighter. This will decrease the horse’s desire to move, thus further tightening the body and increasing pain.


Dr. Thomas created a brilliant formula for this problem, bringing great relief to the pain and discomfort. The formula? Natural Pain Relief. In Chinese medicine, the Natural Pain Relief will “invigorate blood”, or “open blood stagnation”. Essentially, this means that it will clear the blood vessels and increase circulation. The increase in blood circulation will “warm up” the horse, which offers some “loosening” of the body, which will offer a bit of analgesic pain relief. Circulation will bring nutrition and oxygen to the organs and cells of the body, facilitating healing and decreasing pain.

We have found that when added to other formulas such as Arthritis, Torn Tendon/Tendon Repair, or Sore Muscle Relief, the relief of pain is even faster, and recovery comes quickly. Pain is the body’s way of reminding the horse that there is “something” wrong and this is very important so that they will not “over-do” themselves, which can cause further pain and injury. This is why NSAIDS such as Bute or Banamine are not always the best choice for helping our horses through a difficult time. (Add to this their side effects….) Taking the pain away might make us feel better, as we all know that it is very difficult to see our horses in pain, but this is not necessarily the best way to facilitate healing. Addressing the root of the problem, such as Arthritis, with the correct formula, and adding the Natural Pain Relief to increase circulation and add additional analgesic relief, will give your horse the relief he or she needs in order to feel much more comfortable. This is especially true as we move into the colder seasons and our horses need a bit of additional help with the stiffness that comes with the drop in temperatures.