For Love of the Horse

Welcome to our For Love of the Horse blog

collageWelcome to the first blog post from For Love of the Horse!  This is going to be a journey that I believe we will all enjoy very much!  This company began simply because of the love for a horse, Jesse Doe, and has grown to heights that nobody expected.  When Dr. Joseph Thomas and Crystal Leaman moved out of Kansas City and purchased a farm, of course, they bought horses.  As all of us “horse people” know with horses come horse problems, but it was a huge surprise to Dr. Thomas and Crystal when their sweet Jesse Doe came up dead lame.  It was the news we all dread.  Laminitis.

We all know what that entails.  Or do we?  It means corrective shoes, a life in the “prison” of a dry lot with no green grass and poor quality hay, Bute, and a poor outlook for recovery.  Right?  Wrong.

As Dr. Thomas was a physician of Chinese medicine for 25 years and a Contemporary Chinese Herbalist, Crystal asked, “Can you help my Jesse Doe?”  So they both began a quest to learn all they could learn about laminitis and found that this is NOT indeed a hoof disease, but rather, a metabolic dysfunction, Insulin Resistance.  With that understanding they realized that you cannot just treat the hoof, or simply control diet (although this does help) to solve the problem.  With this understanding, Dr. Thomas developed an herbal formula, a solution to actually deal with the underlying metabolic dysfunction.  Guess what?  It worked.

Thus began, For Love of the Horse.  The impact that this has had on hundreds of horses cannot be put into words.  When you see your horse go from being in pain and unable to walk for months to being sound, the happiness and excitement you feel is priceless.  When you see your horse run again there is a joy in your heart like none other.

When you are told that your horse has to be “put down”, that there is no hope, it is devastating.  So you begin the search and find For Love of the Horse.  But after trying product after product that claims it will help your horse, to no avail, do you trust just one more time?  Do you believe it when you hear that we ARE different from everyone else?  I do.  I do because I’ve seen it and I’ve lived it.  It IS different.  It WORKS.

Will it work every time, 100%?  It can’t.  This is medicine.  It’s not a miracle and it isn’t magic.  There are never guarantees in medicine, in any modality.  The herbs are only ONE factor in so many that determine the outcome of recovery, but if you give it a chance and basically “forget” all you thought you knew about recovering a laminitic horse and let us help you, your horse will have THE BEST possible chance for a complete recovery.  Just like Jesse Doe, who lives a full life, who is sound and runs with the herd, and no longer has laminitis.  She will be able to live the rest of her life without pain, thanks to Dr. Thomas and Crystal and their quest to save their horse.

So, on this journey, I ask that you merely open your minds and hearts to things that aren’t so “conventional”.  YOU are the only advocate that your horse has.  Don’t let people tell you that “nothing else can be done”.  Just because THEY don’t have the answer, doesn’t mean the answer isn’t out there.  We’re here to give as many answers as we can.  We’re here to walk with you through your journey with your horse, whatever you are dealing with.  Because we love our horses and yours.  Welcome to our blog!  ~Melissa