For Love of the Horse

How exactly does a wound heal?  The answer involves a very complex healing process that even now is not completely understood.  There are many factors involved in healing even a simple wound.  If your horse has a wound that just won’t heal or is taking an abnormal length of time to heal, it is worth taking a serious look at his or her immune function.  Age will play a factor in immune function and the wound healing process, as will other diseases such as Insulin Resistance. 

When the immune system is healthy, it greatly improves healing by reducing the risk of infection by inhibiting harmful bacteria that could take over the wound and multiply.  A healthy immune function will also regulate the inflammatory process, which if not suppressed, will hinder healing. 

When the wound initially occurs, the inflammation and redness is normal and good.  The local blood vessels dilate to allow immune cells to enter the site of injury.  These “first responder” cells are neutrophils.  These cells are responsible for the removal of bacteria and any foreign material.   Next up are the monocytes.  These are the cells that live in the bone marrow.  They are sent to the wound where they change into macrophages.  These are the ones responsible to clear the damage and debris so that tissue can repair itself and they also resolve the inflammatory response.  Next comes the more complex stage of repairing and reconstructing so that the cells can form new tissue, the growth of skin, and closure of the wound.  The last stage is typically the longest stage of healing.  This is the tissue remodeling and it can persist for weeks or months.  It is more beneficial for this last process to take some time, as faster healing is typically when scar tissue forms. 

If your horse has a wound that simply won’t heal, there could be several factors involved, one being immune function.  Whether it is due to age or other disease, there is usually reduced, or hindered circulation to the wound site.  Reduced blood flow hinders healing by preventing the cells from entering the wound.  This leaves a much higher risk of infection, increased inflammatory response, and obviously, much slower healing IF much healing at all.  Many critical factors may be missing or in insufficient amounts in chronic healing process. 

It is important to ensure an adequate immune function in general, for the overall health and prevention of disease.  It is even more crucial to address immune function if your horse does have a serious wound or a wound that just won’t heal.  Our Total Immune Health formula addresses all of this quite nicely.  It not only assists in the production of healthy immune cells, it will also help to fight off both bacterial and viral infections.  It goes above and beyond simply healing wounds and will address and correct the entire immune system.  It is much more than a simple “booster” because it works directly to support the root of immune function, ensuring that your horse’s immune system is working at its best.  This is imperative for a healthy horse, and we all strive for our horses to be as happy and healthy as possible!

We recommend this formula at a dosage of 6 scoops twice a day until you note significant improvement, and then a small dosage reduction may be made.  If you do continue the higher dosage, a faster healing will ensue.