Case Studies

Horse Herbs HealthWe have begun collecting and compiling case studies to show the recovery process that horse’s experience with the intervention of the correct herbal protocol. As herbal solutions work differently than allopathic medicine, we want you to see the progress of change as it unfolds so you know what to look for with your horse. Each case study was documented as it happened and is presented in that format to keep it as clear as possible. Changes in the herbal protocol and care and management are noted. Pictures and videos are included to show the changes in the horses over time.

Health issue: Intestinal Malabsorption

Silk - 8 month old quarter horse fillySilk – 8 month old quarter horse filly (born April 2011) belonging to David Alexander - Natural Horsemanship. See Study >

Health issue: Insulin Resistance with acute laminitic episode

Grace of Gold - 10 year old Kentucky  Mountain horseGrace of Gold – 10 year old Kentucky Mountain horse, belonging to Melissa Tankersley, Senior Horse Health Advisor, For Love of the Horse. See Study >