Choke Solution for Horses

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Therapeutic Actions

  • relaxes and opens the esophagus
  • blockage passes through to the stomach

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Choke Solution for Horses

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • difficulty swallowing
  • coughs, gags, wretches while stretching neck
  • drools heavily and discharges bits of food from nostrils
  • increased heart and respiration rate

Grey HorseChoke is one of the "top 10" horse emergencies for veterinarian calls as it is a problem that must be resolved fast. Choke occurs when the esophagus (muscular tube that conveys food from the mouth to the stomach) becomes blocked.

Possible Reasons for Choke:

Choke happens when partially chewed food gets wadded up and stuck in the throat. Dental problems could interfere with grinding their food completely putting them at higher risk of choke.

Horses that eat very quickly and do not take the time to chew their food adequately will also be more likely to suffer from choke.

What you will see is that your horse is having difficulty swallowing and keeps extending her head and neck outward and downward. You may see what looks like a lump in the throat area depending on where the obstruction is located. This is usually more prominent on the left side of the throat. Your horse may cough excessively, have discharge from the nostrils, drooling and excessive salivation. Increased heart and respiration rate are likely due to the horse's distress.

If you see these signs, remove all hay, feed and water immediately. Some horses will continue to try to eat but that will only make the matter worse.

If you have Choke Solution on hand give it to your horse immediately.

Call your veterinarian for assistance.

Instructions for emergency dosing

Emergency Dosage: Give 8 scoops (mixed in water) by syringe immediately. This dosage is for an average weight adult horse - adjust for miniatures and draft horses accordingly.

If needed you can repeat dosage in 15 minutes.

Use standard dosing for horses prone to choke.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • relaxes and opens the esophagus
  • blockage passes through to the stomach

Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: zhi ke and jie geng within a proprietary blend

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Cloud Cloud is a 30 year old gelding whose middle name is "Favorite". He works in my herd at Serenity Life Resource Center
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