Colic Solution

Colic Horse Herbs HealthAmong domesticated horses, colic is the leading cause of premature death. And the incidence of colic in the general horse population within any given year is approximately 10%. Colic is not a diagnosis though but rather just a general term used to describe acute abdominal pain. While there are many causes and they are difficult to delineate, the effects range from a mild transitory disturbance to critical and life threatening. When you first notice the signs of colic there is no way for the average horse owner to delineate the causes or course the symptoms will take. For this reason we recommend that in any colic situation, you begin with calling your veterinarian.

Common signs of colic pain:

  • No interest in food or eating
  • Pawing repeatedly
  • Stretching
  • Frequent attempts to urinate
  • Flank watching: turning their heads to look at their stomach and/or hind quarters
  • Biting or nipping their stomach
  • Pacing
  • Repeated Flehmen response
  • Repeated lying down and rising
  • Rolling
  • Decreased fecal output
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Little to no gut sounds
  • Sweating behind the ears, flanks, chest or neck when the horse has not been running or worked

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Brings back the intestinal muscle contractions needed for peristalsis
  • Significantly lubricates (moistens) the intestines
  • Promotes purgative action to cause the intestines to empty
  • Eases painful spasms


Dosage: 6 scoops [mixed in water] by syringe immediately, if no clear results repeat the same dosage in 15 minutes. This process may be repeated up to 3 times. This dosage is for an average weight adult horse – adjust for miniatures and draft horses accordingly. These herbs have also been shown to be especially effective when a veterinarian tubed them into the horse. Use a double dosage diluted in 1 quart of water. Given the many sources of colic, we cannot guarantee that this Herbal Solution will take care of the issue. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you contact your veterinarian immediately given any colic situation. 

Ingredients: zhi shi and xing ren within a proprietary blend.

Colic Solution for Horses

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