Auto Ship Agreement for Dog Herbal Solutions

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Terms of Service 

Get a $5 discount on each Herbal Solution you purchase through our Auto Ship Program. You commit to 3 consecutive shipments, fill out and submit this form, and call us at 866-537-7336 ext. 6 with your credit card information. We will set you up with our auto ship program within 24 hours. Note: Auto Ship discount cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon, or offer. 

So we don’t interrupt your service or ship you unneeded Herbal Solutions, we will email you after your 3rd shipment to notify you that you’ve completed your contract. You can then cancel or change your selections by simply replying to the email. Or if you’d like to continue with the program, do nothing and we’ll keep you on your preferred program until you cancel or change your selections. Once your contract is completed, you can cancel anytime as long as it is 1 business day before your shipment date.

Choose the plan that works best for you and your dog:

Choose your Start Date (Tuesday or Wednesday only).

If you need an additional Herbal Solution with your Auto Ship order, call (866) 537-7336 ext. 2 or email: or the day before your shipment date to have it added to your order. The Auto Ship discount will not be applied to additional Herbal Solutions. But, of course, you will get free shipping if the additional Herbal Solution puts your total over $300. 

Enter the quantity of the Herbal Solution(s) you want on Auto Ship. Price listed includes the Auto Ship discount of $5 savings on each Herbal Solution. 

- Allergic Skin Reaction ($62.00)

- Essential Immune Health Solution ($87.00)

- Kidney Disease/Failure Solution ($105.00)

- Liver Disease/Failure Solution ($80.00)

- Natural Pain Relief ($57.00)

- Osteoarthritis Solution ($67.00)

- Rheumatoid Arthritis Solution ($59.00)

- Seizures/Distemper Solution ($98.00)

- Torn Tendon Solution ($73.00)

- Custom Formula