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Last fall I contacted you about my shelty's bulging disc problems. Katie is 12 years old and she has a bulging disc in the shoulder area and also in the lumbar spine, or the low back. She was really having quite a bit of difficulty getting around.... Read More >


I Just want to say THANK YOU so very much for all your knowledge. These people are amazing, I have been dealing with Leah the whole time with my 6lb Maltese (Gucci)... Read More >


Bo's Masses For Love of the Horse luckily came into our lives just at the right moment. My mixed breed Staffordshire terrier and boxer mix named Bo, which is the love of our life, suddenly just stopped in his tracks and wouldn't move... Read More >


Bella was diagnosed with Pemphigus and was put on steroids to prevent her nose/hair and tip of ears from attacking itself. Due to the use of the steroids she developed an incontinence issue... Read More >


Yes, Gemma's abdominal area appears bloated and sometimes feels rock hard. This can fluctuate. Some weeks are so hard and I worry she will burst... Read More >

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