EMS/Cushing's/IR Solution

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Laminitis/founder [not initiated by mechanical injury or placental retention]
  • Cresty necks that get thick and hard
  • Fat deposits in the shoulder, rump and above the eyes
  • Depressed energy and lethargy
  • Polyuria (excessive urinating)
  • Polydipsia (excessive thirst and water intake)
  • Typical “easy keeper”
  • Bloodwork indicates elevated insulin with normal or elevated glucose levels
  • Thick, curly coat that is late to shed
  • Weakened immune function
  • Swollen genitals; i.e. sheath or vulva

Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance:

Laminitis EMS Horse Herbs HealthEquine Metabolic syndrome (EMS) or Cushing’s syndrome is a progressive disease that follows a predictable course in accordance with the parameters of the model. Insulin resistance (IR), in both humans and horses, initiates the metabolic syndrome and is considered to be the root of the disease process. IR refers to a breakdown in the cells’ ability to respond normally to insulin action; therefore the term “resistance”. Quantitatively, IR displays a pattern in blood tests that shows normal serum/blood glucose and elevated serum insulin. This pattern is the foundation of all the abnormalities found in the metabolic syndrome. More Info >

As soon as a horse enters the IR phase the risk of laminitis begins and the risk increases as the metabolic syndrome progresses with higher levels of insulin. During this course, less of a trigger is needed to initiate an acute laminitic event. Laminitis is the most “visible” of the constellation of abnormalities that accompany themetabolic syndrome; some of the others, not immediately noticeable, are a decreased immune functioning, vascular issues, a variety of categories of anemia, and gastrointestinal problems. Each of these serious health problems increases as the metabolic syndrome progresses.


Laminitis, also known as founder, is a consequence of the equine metabolic syndrome/IR and is not a disease in and of itself. The name [laminae + itis] describes the inflammatory process associated with the stretching and/or separation of the laminae from the coffin bone. That means that the coffin bone separates from the inner hoof wall and rotates downward toward the sole of the hoof and in some instances penetrates the sole. More often than not there will be abscesses within the hoof capsule following a laminitic event and will take the form of bacterial infection.

The resulting hoof damage must be treated as immediately as possible. To stop the ongoing acute damage and start to repair the hoof, we recommend that you use MMP Stop within the first 5 days of an acute laminitic episode. If that is what is happening with your horse now, read more on MMP Stop.

We have found that an essential component of recovering the hoof from such devastating damage requires not only our herbal solutions but also "regular" barefoot trimming by a trimmer experienced in this approach and with laminae separation.

The EMS/Cushing’s/IR Solution is the foundation herbal formula for recovery from the metabolic syndrome in all its aspects. This solution increases cellular glucose utilization thereby decreasing the elevated serum insulin levels, regulates the insulin-glucose relationship, regulates the enzyme 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 activity, assists in a more efficient metabolism of carbohydrates, and promotes a more alkaline intestinal environment.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Foundation formula for recovery from the metabolic dysfunction that underlies Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and Cushing’s.
  • Decreases elevated insulin levels; thereby lowering elevated ACTH
  • Increases cellular glucose utilization.
  • Decreases glucose.
  • Regulates insulin/glucose relationship.
  • Assists in metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Promotes more alkaline intestinal environment.

Support Service

Clients with horses who have EMS/Cushing's/IR or who have had a laminitic episode are welcome to submit a Horse Health History profile online, print or fax, or request the form to be sent to you by postal mail.  We will then be able to assist you by email or phone to monitor and support your horse’s healing process. More Info >

Click for helpful info on: Immediate and long term care for your foundered horse

Recommended Reading & Audio
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The Easy Keeper: Myth and Dangers
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Listen to Dr. Thomas' radio interview on the “If Your Horse Could Talk” show hosted by Lisa Ross-Williams for a thorough and enlightening presentation of The Metabolic Syndrome Progression Curve.

Horses using our EMS/Cushing’s/ IR Solution (Foundation Laminitis Solution) are having extraordinary results. Read Our Success Stories.

Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: lian zi rou, mai men dong within a proprietary blend

EMS/Cushing's/IR Solution for Horses 720g

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720 grams
Price: $139.00
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IR/EMS Formula
- 07/04/2021
This has sure kept my easy-keeper girl stable - - - thank you!!!
This Product Works!
- 11/22/2020
We have completed three weeks on this formula and I am seeing good results with my 16 year old Tennessee Walker. His appetite is beginning to feel normal and he appears to be less constantly hungry. I have hope for this as a solution for his metabolic issues and it is the first thing that has made a real difference for him!

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