Essential Immune Health Solution for Dogs

Indicative Signs and Symptoms:

  • Infection (bacterial or viral)
  • Discharge from eyes, nose or both
  • Slow to heal wounds
  • Dull, unhealthy coat
  • Lethargy

OttoOttoEssential Immune is precisely formulated to work at the very source of leukocyte production (white blood cells) – the bone marrow. It is within the bone marrow that white blood cells, the very essence of the immune response, are developed. This formula does not "boost" the immune system so much as assist in the production of the healthy, mature white blood cells that comprise it. Your dog needs healthy white blood cells to fight off any infection and this formula will develop them.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Promotes production of essential leukocytes
  • Effectively fights bacterial and viral infections
  • Restores healthy immune function

Dosage information for Dogs

Ingredients: he shou wu, nu zhen zi within a proprietary blend.

Essential Immune Health for Dogs 350g

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350 grams
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Dog loves it
- 11/02/2020
Our dog gobbles down his food with this product added. He likes it much better than the Allergic Reaction formula.

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