Gastric Ulcers Solution

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Poor appetite
  • Excessive salivation
  • Cribbing after eating
  • Diarrhea
  • Intermittent colic (esp. right after eating)
  • Teeth grinding

Gastric Ulcers Horse Herbs HealthGastric ulcers are common in the adult domesticated horse and duodenal ulcers typically affect the foal. Both are ulcers caused by the digestive action of gastric acid on the mucous lining. Mild stomach lesions might heal on their own while more serious ulcerations will cause permanent damage and, in radical cases, can even cause death. As serious a condition as gastric ulcers can be, their most common development might be thought of simply.

The horse has evolved with a stomach that secretes acid all the time and has an extremely large “pool” of hydrochloric acid in the lower stomach. If they have a life style that allows them to graze without interruption there will be food ever present in the stomach to absorb this acid. Most domestic horses are not free grazing which permits time intervals during each day that a horse’s stomach is empty and excess stomach acid comes into direct contact with the lining of the stomach. These are the conditions for the development of stomach ulcerations (gastric ulcers).

There are a number of other conditions induced by domestication that lead to ulcers. One of these is externally induced; i.e. phenalbutazone (bute). Use of this medication for any prolonged use is a known cause of ulcers. Stressors are also a set up for ulcers as they increase the secretion of gastric acids, building the pool of hydrochloric acid in the lower stomach.

The following are all examples of stressors in a horse’s life that can and most likely will increase the possibility of gastric ulcers.

  • strenuous exercise and intensive training as these raise the hydrochloric acid from the lower to the upper stomach
  • stall confinement
  • minimal transportation; i.e. as little as four hours in a trailer
  • diet consisting of high levels of concentrated feed and low levels of roughage

Gastric Ulcers Solution reduces excess stomach acid as the first concern. It then soothes your horse’s stomach and alleviates their pain. This herbal solution stops diarrhea without interfering with gastric motility, reduces the damaging and painful ulcerations and inhibits bleeding. Gastric Ulcers Solution is effective for the duodenal ulcers of the foal as well as the gastric ulcers found in yearlings and adult horses.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Reduces and regulates gastric acid
  • Restores the health of the gastrointestinal lining
  • Raises gastrointestinal pH, i.e. making it more alkaline
  • Relieves pain and soothes the stomach
  • Stops diarrhea and inhibits bleeding
  • Reduces/recovers painful ulcerations

Gastric Ulcer Care and Management
Dr. Thomas' Formulation Strategy for Gastric Ulcers
Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: Hou po, da zao within a proprietary blend.

Gastric Ulcers 715g
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Wonderful Customer Service!

- 04/21/2018

I wasn't entirely certain which herb to try my mare on as I couldn't determine if she had a gastric ulcer or not. I emailed customer service and they were super helpful in determining what her symptoms meant. They even sent me a video on how to palpate for ulcers! After determining the needed herb, I ordered it and it came even faster than I expected. Tessa has been on it for about 3 weeks now and I'm already seeing results. Since I board her and can't get to the stable to give her the herbs twice a day, I just mix the prescribed amount with a bit of applesauce into a cube. It's super easy for the staff at the stable to give her one- she thinks it's a treat! Highly recommend this company!!