Our Guarantee:

You can be assured of the authenticity, purity and safety of each and every herb in our solutions. All of our herbs are pharmaceutical grade extracts manufactured with surgical precision in a bio-medical laboratory through Evergreen Herbs.  Evergreen has insured the “seed to shelf” quality of their herbs through careful selection of their growers and the use of state of the art extraction and quality control methodology. 

Horse HerbsHow our herbs are prepared:

1 – Selection:  Experts select the finest quality raw herbs that are grown in the most suitable regions and harvested at the precise time for optimum active ingredients.
2 – Screening: These carefully selected, fresh herbs are sent directly to Evergreen’s state of the art processing facility where they are screened for harmful substances including bacteria and heavy metals.  Any herbs that do not meet Evergreen’s exacting standards are immediately rejected.

3 – Comprehensive Analytical Testing:  The herbs are then subjected to each of the following rigorous laboratory analytical tests:

  • Macroscopic and Organoleptic Testing – These tests are performed by both visual analysis of the botanicals unique features and brewing to verify taste, color and aroma.
  • Thin Layer Chromatography – Used to identify active components and constituents, it provides a chemical “footprint” that guarantees authenticity.
  • Microscopic Image Analysis – Used to verify that there are no variances or adulterants present in the herbs.
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography – This testing is used to confirm the potency and consistency by ensuring that the active and marker compounds such as flavonoids, alkaloids and polyphenols are present in their proper ratios.

Horse Herbs4 – Formulation and Extraction: 

Unique Pre-Extraction Methodology - Unlike other companies, Evergreen’s herbs are thoroughly washed to remove soil, sand and other foreign materials to prepare them for a unique Pre-Extraction Methodology during which the herbs may be roasted, baked, stir-fried or even wine fried according to the strict TCM tenets.  This crucial step in conjunction with their "No Compromises" philosophy serves to insure the highest quality and potency of their herbs.

Water Extraction Under High Pressure, Low Temperature – The herbs are extracted in softened and purified water only. They are not subjected to heavy metals from tap water or industrial solvents such as acetone or hexane as these substances destroy the natural flavor and leave residues that may be harmful to the body. The extraction process is specifically tailored to the individual nature of each herb in order to maximize its potency and purity.

5 – Vacuum Evaporation and Granulation:  In a totally enclosed chamber, protected against cross-contamination, the concentrated herbal extract undergoes a special drying process to produce fine granules.

Quality Assurance

Evergreen firmly believes that herbal products must be made with pharmaceutical precision to achieve their optimum potency, purity and safety.  In line with that their herbs are manufactured in Taiwan under pharmaceutical GMP guidelines which meet or exceed the standards of Western GMP guidelines for botanicals.

In addition, their Quality Assurance experts perform qualitative and quantitative tests on every batch of herbs to guarantee its purity, potency and safety.  A Certificate of Analysis is provided with every batch of the final product.