Horse Heaves Success Stories

Achilles Kilkinny For the love of the horse products was recommended by my vet. My mare Achilles Kilkinny had developed a strong case of heaves. She is a 10 year old black Friesian sport horse mare. ...Read More >
Skipper In late March, early April of 2021, Skipper developed difficulty breathing. My vet diagnosed him with Equine Asthma (Heaves) and recommended Dexamethazone treatment for 10 days which we did. He was better up until 3 days after the Dexamethazone was finished.... Read More >
Dutch Howdy Friends! Some of you know the story of my mare Kessy's battle with Heaves, and how Dr Thomas, the world's foremost authority on Contemporary Chinese Herbalism, cured her totally with his Heaves Chinese herbal formulation... Read More >
Harley Friends who know of Harley's problem watched, and were truly amazed, as was I, at how he has improved... Read More >
Horse Health Herbs We have been using your Heaves Remedy for one of our mares for about six months now. She was so bad when we started it... Read More >

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