Heaves Solution for Horses 735g

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Therapeutic Actions

  • Soothes horses lungs & eases breathing
  • Reduces bronchial spasms
  • Reduces production of phlegm
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases bronchodilation

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Heaves Solution

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Asthma like symptoms; wheezing, labored breathing
  • “Heave Line” along lower part of abdomen
  • Coughing
  • Condition aggravated by lung stress due to exercise, heat/humidity, and dust or mold

Heaves is identical to bronchial asthma in people and has all the same signs and symptoms including severe reactions to dust and mold. It is important to consider this in your care and management and reduce your horse’s exposure as much as possible.

Heaves Horse Herb HealthThe lower airway obstruction characteristic of Heaves, sometimes known as Recurrent Airway Obstruction, is caused by bronchial muscle spasms, inflammation of the trachea and lung tissue and the accumulation of phlegm. These conditions will progress if this lung condition is not treated effectively. It can reach a point where your horse refuses to eat or drink due to the extreme labored breathing and the pronounced abdominal effort to force air out of the lungs. It is this labored breathing in exhalation that produces the classic “heave line” along the external abdominal oblique muscles.

Heaves Solution is an effective combination of herbs that reduces inflammation, relieves bronchial spasms, increases bronchodilation and reduces the production of phlegm. These herbs offer speedy symptomatic relief while working to deal with the source of the problem.

If you have specific concerns about your horse’s breathing difficulties, fill out questionnaire and submit it on line. We will carefully review the information you send to us and contact you promptly with our recommendation or, if need be, more questions.

Breathing Difficulties Questionnaire


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Soothes horses lungs & eases breathing
  • Reduces bronchial spasms
  • Reduces production of phlegm
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases bronchodilation

Breakthrough on Heaves!

Through years of continued research with horses and herbal formulations, Dr. Thomas has developed a truly effective formula for Heaves. This all came about through his work on Kessy, Dutch Henry’s mare. Read full story here.


Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: shu di huang, bai shao within a proprietary blend.

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5 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.4 / 5 (Show All)
A Long Road for Skipper
- 11/24/2021
Skipper would not be with me now if I hadn't looked for an alternative for steroids that only treat symptoms and not the cause. We have been on a long journey but my buddy is worth the time and anything I can do for him. The Heaves Formula and the specific Respiration Formula has taken him from breathing 36 times a minute to 10-12 per minute. He lost alot of weight in the beginning but has gradually started eating like the 'ol Skipper' used to and has put his weight back on and a little more. I feel that we will eventually get to the end of this journey and it would not have been without For The Love of The Horse. I Thank the whole team for always being there when I have questions and need assistance, if it weren't for the exceptional people that work here, Skipper would have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We owe them So Very Much.
A Long Road for Skipper
- 10/14/2021
Since June of this year, Skipper has been on
Heaves Soln. Skipper has never had respiratory issues before, I have had him for 22 years. He started out with 36 respirations/min, a cough and an expiratory wheeze. After about 3-4 days on the Heaves Solution and Total Immune the cough was gone and the wheeze was gone. It's been a long road, but he is progressing and the respirations are down to 18-20/m. Two veterinarians and multiple friends told me I should put him down. I couldn't do it. So, we are in this for the long haul. Even though it's been a long road, he is much better and will see this through. The corticosteroids treatment he had at first lasted 3 days. That's when I started looking for an alternative treatment and found For The Love of The Horse. I am so glad I did.
Thank you

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