Horse Hoof Ailments Success Stories

Jackson, Male Boer Goat - Hoof Ailment

This past winter was wet, muddy, and cold- not good conditions for hooves. My old male boer goat developed a horrible abscess(s) in one of his front feet to the point that he would put NO weight on it at all- he literally got around by walking on his knees.  Read More >

Karon Czekala Horse Health Herbs

Any vet would have put him down 10 times in that 20 day period, and we considered it more than once, but he rebounded and is now happy as a pig in mud.  He went to be a five year old girls' first pony, on Christmas day.  He has a new lease on life. We thank you.  Read More >

Ann Wild Horse Health Herbs

I have been amazed at how much relief my horse got from only the MMP Stop. Read More >

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