Hoof Ailments

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Hoof bruising
  • Abscesses
  • Hoof sore
  • Hoof pain associated with after effects of laminitis.

Hoof Ailments Horse Herb HealthHoof Ailments is recommended for horses suffering from abscesses, bruising, stretched lamina, or soreness from traumatic injury to the hoof. This solution is used for early stage or chronic ulcerations that have been difficult to treat. It promotes the discharge of pus and generates new tissue for chronic ulcerations and sores that have formed pus but have not drained or healed well. Hoof Ailments is designed to draw the healing properties of the herbs to the coronary band as well as into the hoof capsule. It has the remarkable ability to recover the hoof from damage anywhere within the hoof while assisting in the “regeneration” of new healthy tissue.

Hoof Ailments solution will encourage the recovery of the hoof from abscesses that follow a laminitic episode.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Anti-inflammatory to reduce inflamed tissue surrounding abscesses
  • Clears the hoof of toxins and tissue debris from abscesses and bruising
  • Targets both early stage and chronic ulcerations of the hoof, with or without pus discharge
  • Regenerates healthy tissue in the hoof
  • Contains analgesic actions for pain relief

Use Natural Pain Relief along with Hoof Ailments to speed recovery from bruising and increase pain relief.

Use Total Immune Health along with Hoof Ailments to speed the healing of abscesses and resolve accompanying infection.

Dr. Thomas Update

Hoof Ailments Horse Herb HealthHoof Ailments Solution: As with many of the herbal solutions I have formulated, Hoof Ailments has far exceeded my original intention. When I began working on this herbal blend my intent was to target this formulation to abscesses in horses and the associated pain and damage that accompanies this hoof problem. As part of tackling that issue, I of course, considered the "run-away" inflammatory process usually caused by a bacterial infection and included a group of herbs that has more than ample anti-inflammatory properties. But at that point, I was not yet aware of the intricate connection between abscesses and laminitis. Shortly after completing this Herbal Solution, I began my year long research into the relationship between laminitis and immune function which culminated in my article "The Immune Laminitis Connection" (For me, this article, for the first time, clarified how a laminitic event results in an almost immediate creation of a hoof capsule abscess). This research, along with my analyses of many blood chemistry reports on IR horses also demonstrated that virtually all of these horses have weak immune functioning. When I then reconsidered my Hoof Ailments formula, I found how much more effectively I'd succeeded in formulating for the abscesses related to laminitis than I'd known. This herbal blend works with the innate immune system to assist it in surrounding the dead laminae tissue (which lead to bacterial infection) and "digesting" them. Hoof Ailments also supports the immune system in whisking away antigens created by the separation and/or stretching of laminae tissue. It promotes the discharge of pus and generates new tissue for chronic ulcerations and sores that have formed pus but have not drained or healed well. So basically, Hoof Ailments has the remarkable ability to recover the hoof from damage anywhere within the hoof capsule while assisting the "regeneration" of new healthy tissue. No wonder our customer's horses are getting such incredible results.  Very gratifying!

Horses using our Hoof Ailments Solution are having extraordinary results. Read Our Success Stories.

Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: chi shao, zao jiao ci within a proprietary blend.

If this is your first order, we strongly recommend you purchase the large size as a small size will not be sufficient to effectively address the problem.

Hoof Ailments Solution for Horses

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Hoof Ailments is terrific!

- 10/07/2020

I ordered Hoof Ailments recently for our mare. She had some black on the bottom of her feet and was walking a little gingerly. Hoof Ailments cleared both right away. She is now galloping up hills and walking perfectly with no sign of any discomfort with her feet. She also has new hoof growth down from the coronary band. I could not be happier!

Hoof Ailments Support post founder

- 02/03/2020

My Oldenburg/Thoroughbred mare did not exhibit typical laminitis lameness so we all missed it - sadly. She foundered to the point of not only rotation but also sinking!
I began to feed her Hoof Ailments Solution and have not had any apparent signs of abscessing. I check her digital pulses at least twice daily. I had her shoes pulled and am now using a Pete Ramey trained farrier to rehab the mechanics of her feet. She is improving rapidly!! I know a big part of my mare’s miraculous improvement is due to the amazing For Love of the Horse formulas.

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