Contemporary Chinese Herbalism for Horse and Dog Health

Our Herbal Solutions are more targeted than supplements as they are derived from the integration of Contemporary Chinese herbalism and pathophysiology. Each Solution has been precisely formulated by Dr. Thomas with strict adherence to Chinese medical theory and the pharmacologic actions of each herb used. Every formula is comprised of herb groupings chosen to target the root of the underlying problem as well as herb groupings to relieve the symptoms.

This is holistic medicine at its finest. As Chinese Medical theory is rooted in Taoism, the dynamic interplay within the body is the core concept in every formulation.

All the herbs we use are pharmaceutical grade extracts manufactured with surgical precision in a bio-medical laboratory through Evergreen Herbs. Evergreen has insured the "seed to shelf" quality of their herbs through careful selection of their growers and the use of state of the art extraction and quality control methodology.


Letter from Dutch Henry, Appomattox, VA., author.
DSLD and Torn Tendon on 5-16-22:


To begin at the beginning: Rosie is a 21 year old Paso-Fino mare I adopted 3 years ago. When we adopted Rosie she was horribly overweight from a constant lush grass habitat. She had terrible teeth, points growing through cheeks, tongue and pallet. Her posture completely broken down. Feet having suffered years of neglect, she walked on her pasterns. Rings on her hoof walls denoted many instances of founder.

We spent the first two years addressing all these issues.

Rosie responded beautifully.

Rehabbing a horse requires addressing everything on different, but connected fronts. At the same time. So we did. Immediate dental and hoof care – barefoot. I do my own trimming. Strict diet of soaked hay only – No grass. Daily grooming, And exercises designed to reintroduce correct and healthy posture. We employed exercises to begin to reintroduce Rosie to her feet, legs, and especially her hind end.

Remember, movement begets movement.

Proper movement begets healthy, proper movement. Recognize here, the converse is also true. All of this was a key part of the whole. Each in order of Rosie's capabilities. We must never push a horse. We guide the horse.

Dr Thomas' Contemporary Chinese Herbal Formulations.

None of those things could have been as successful without the use of Dr Thomas' Contemporary Chinese Herbal Formulations that heal – not placate – ailments.

I enjoy a long and wonderful relationship with Dr Thomas, and everyone at For Love Of The Horse. Have had years of success with his formulations in healing hoses (and myself). Some my own, and many friends and people. And horses, I've met along the way.

So, we used Dr Thomas' herbs and advice for Rosie's muscle and skeletal rebuilding. As well as immune system rebuilding. We used his formulations for hoof repair and regrowth as well. And Rosie prospered.

Rehabbing a horse in such a sad state takes time.

Now as anyone knows, rehabbing a horse in such a sad state takes time. And it did. There were weeks and even months of slow, sometimes seemingly no progress. Even times of regression.

But I want to add here, Rosie has a BIG heart. She never quit. And some days the therapeutic exercises were difficult for her. For a long time she was in constant pain and discomfort. We would put her on Dr Thomas' Natural Pain Relief formula. Which as an anti-inflammatory gave her great relief.

Stalled progress of Rosie's posture.

Dutch Henry, AuthorDutch Henry, AuthorSo eventually all those areas were so greatly improved, that I became frustrated in the stalled progress of Rosie's posture. Which had come a long way in the first 24 months. But was not where I knew it could be. Her dropped pasterns had improved, but still were dropped more than should be. And that stalled any further posture improvement. Posture you see, comes from the ground up.

I had a respected veterinarian come exam and treat Rosie. She administered chiropractic treatments. We had given Rosie these several times along the way. Now we added acupuncture.

Diagnosed with, Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis (DSLD).

We employed three sessions, two months apart each. Then the veterinarian told me, Rosie had Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis (DSLD). And this was as good as she'd ever be. And would never be able to be ridden.

I contacted Tina, at For Love of the Horse, and told her of this recent diagnoses. No, we did not do blood work. I saw no point in the expense. The vet had been thorough in her exam. She had seen plenty of other horses in the same condition. So we took her at her word.

Another focus in rehab.