Joint Injury Solution for Dogs

Indicative Signs and Symptoms:

  • Lameness
  • Swelling in the affected joint
  • Pain
  • Reluctance to move or stand
  • Heat or tenderness to touch in affected joint
  • Loss of appetite
  • When multiple joints are affected, your dog may have a very stiff gait or appear to be walking on eggshells.

Dog Joint InjuryDog Joint InjuryJoint Injury is formulated for dogs that have suffered an injury to a synovial joint (a joint that provides free movement between bones). When the joint is injured it is the inflammation of the synovial membrane in the joint capsule that causes the tissue to become swollen and painful.

Once the synovial membrane becomes inflamed, there is a loss of key fluid elements, such as hyaluronic acid, that are primarily responsible for the lubricating quality of the synovial fluid. This loss of fluid decreases blood circulation to the joint which then deprives the area of essential nutrients, contributing to the degenerative process that follows. Granulation tissue forms leading to the development of fibrous connective tissue and a clearly observable mass. The mass then causes an irritation of the bony tissues resulting in erosion of the bone.

Large dogs, working dogs and sporting dogs are most prone to joint injury. Excess weight increases the stress on the joints and cartilage.

Therapeutic Actions:

Joint Injury reduces inflammation in the synovial joint while directing blood to the injured area. This increased circulation along with the reduction of inflammation, restores the synovial fluid so the joint can once again be lubricated and nourished. In addition to the restorative properties of these herbs, herbal "groups" are included to absorb the fibrous tissue, reducing any mass that may have formed, and recover bone loss.

Dosage information for Dogs

Ingredients: yi yi ren, ru xiang within a proprietary blend

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