Liver Disease

Indicative Signs and Symptoms:

While these signs and symptoms can lead you to suspect liver disease/failure, they are also present in other conditions. A comprehensive liver panel from a blood chemistry report is essential to be able to determine whether a horse does indeed have a liver disease.

  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite, depression
  • Jaundice i.e. yellow pigmentation of skin or mucous membranes
  • Fever
  • Colicy
  • Photosensitivity of skin (easily sunburns)
  • Progressive nervous system problems

Liver Disease Horse Herb HealthLiver disease/failure is life threatening. The liver is the largest organ in the horse’s body, and performs a variety of important biologic functions essential for survival. When liver function weakens to a place where the diagnosis of liver disease or liver failure is made the horse’s life is in danger. The diagnosis of liver failure involves hepatic (liver) cellular necrosis (death) and is an indication that your horse’s liver has lost at least 60% - 70% of its function.

Diseases of the liver can be acute; such as those caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, or poisons taken into the body or chronic; caused by long-term exposure to poisons, cancer of the liver, or infections. Hepatitis is the most common liver disease to be diagnosed in horses though there are many other diseases affecting the horse’s liver. When liver disease is most pronounced in the biliary system (related to bile such as the tract leading from the liver to the small intestine) a horse is likely to be jaundiced and colicy (due to biliary obstruction and possibly an enlarged liver).

Liver Disease/Failure Solution restores healthy liver function, halts hepatocellular (liver cell) death and assists in the regeneration of liver cells. This solution also breaks up biliary obstruction thereby preventing the colic situations associated with liver disease. The abnormal profile of liver enzymes in the blood chemistry report that are characteristic of liver disease/failure will progressively return to normal as your horse recovers.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Stops liver cell death
  • Assists in the regeneration of liver cells
  • Breaks up biliary obstruction to reduce risk of colic
  • Establishes healthy liver enzymes

Dosage Recommendation: Given the severe nature of this illness it is recommended that the beginning dosage be assertive so that the therapeutic effect of this solution has an immediate restorative result. Therefore the dosage is 4 scoops X 3 daily for the first 715 gm bottle - reduced to twice daily thereafter. If the liver disease diagnosis is viral hepatitis it is recommended that Total Immune Health solution be given along with the Liver Disease/Failure solution @ 4 scoops X 2 per day.

Ingredients: jin qian cao, zhi zi within a proprietary blend.

Success Stories

Diamond - Liver Disease Horse Herb Health The day that I stumbled across your website was literally a blessing for me and my ailing mare Diamond. She had just been diagnosed with hepatitis and was very ill; my vet had told me to prepare myself for the worst.
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Liver Disease Horse Herb Health The next day was when we realized how serious the situation was. The blood showed liver failure possibly due to a biliary obstruction of stones. Some of the values were very high - even off the chart.
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