Liver Support

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Swollen genitalia (sheath or vulva)
  • EMS/ IR horses as they are subject to biliary interference
  • Exposure to pesticides or chemicals (including chemicals from pharmaceutical medications or dewormers)

Liver Support Horse Herb HealthThe liver is the central clearinghouse for the horse’s body. It filters the blood, removing unhealthy and toxic substances, and converts essential substances such as glucose to glycogen for usage according to the horse’s needs. It also produces bile, an alkaline fluid that aids in the absorption of fats. The free flow of bile keeps the small intestinal system alkaline [as opposed to acidic]for healthy digestive absorption.

For the horse there are many contemporary influences that stress the capabilities of the liver. Every vaccination, medication, dewormer or synthetic analgesic, such asphenylbutazone (bute) is its own stress. But there is also exposure to pesticides and the remnants of herbicidesin hay. Any toxic plant our horses nibble, or bug bites or stings put toxicity into the blood that the liver filters. Healthy livers can handle some of any of these things well but when the liver is overloaded, its function is impaired and that affects the entire system of the horse.

Liver Support has herbal groupings with strong toxin-eliminating properties to assist the liver in removing toxic and unhealthy substances from the blood. It also has a significant “preventative” component as it supports the smooth functioning of the liver. Liver support inhibits the secretion of gastric acid and stimulates the production and secretion of bile thereby elevating the pH in the stomach and intestines, making them more alkaline. It is effective in the early stages of liver problems before they become serious concerns, such as biliary (related to bile)obstruction.

Horses with EMS/Cushing’s/IR are particularly subject to biliary “interference” and this contributes greatly to their laminitic risk (see Dr. Thomas’ article: "The Easy Keeper.") It is also common for these horses to develop swollen genitalia, i.e. sheath or vulva. In Chinese medical terminology, this issue stems from liver qi stagnation leading to damp-heat in the lower burner and can be cleared with Liver Support.

Important: Liver Support is inappropriate for conditions that might be labeled as “liver damage” such as hepatitis or liver failure. See Liver Disease/Failure for the correct Solution.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Assists the liver in removing toxic and unhealthy substances from the blood
  • Supports smooth functioning of the liver
  • Inhibits secretion of gastric acid
  • Makes stomach and intestines more alkaline decreasing the risk of colic

Dr. Thomas Update

Hoof Ailments Horse Herb HealthI have just completed (12-1-20) a reformulation of my Liver Support Solution. I am pleased as this new formula is significantly more effective in clearing toxins/poisons from your horse's liver. This Solution is an antidote for poisons; eliminates toxins such as herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals (for example dewormers, Bute, vaccinations) even arsenic.

Liver Support raises stomach and intestinal pH thereby making them alkaline. As current research indicates, the stomach and intestines of horse that colic are acidic as opposed to alkaline. This formula is an effective colic preventative. And, of course, it is still effective with supporting smooth liver function, reducing swollen genitalia and biliary obstruction contributing to laminitic risk.

Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: cang zhu, shen qu within a proprietary blend.

Liver Support Solutions for Horses

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Liver Support
- 10/07/2020
I recently gave Liver Support to my gelding for some swelling at the sheath. It worked great! It cleared the biliary ducts and helped him, as Dr. Thomas suggested! Thank you, Dr. Thomas!

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