Meet Dr. Thomas

Joseph Thomas, Ph.D.
Clinical Director, Research and Development
For Love of the Horse, LLC

Doctor Joseph Thomas formulating Horse Health HerbsMy profession is a natural extension of my devotion to horses, my proficiency as a Chinese herbalist and my skills as a research scientist. The conceptual framework I use in my herbal formulations is rooted in Chinese medical theory. The nature of this theory is essentially holistic which means that herbs and herbal properties must be considered within the context of the entire issue. In precise formulation, a number of individual herbs are used to develop themes that converge to affect change in the whole pattern. Each herb is considered not only for its own properties but also in relationship to the properties of each of the other herbs. In this way, the herbs blend together to support a clear and direct systemic change.

It is my nature to research a theoretical concept thoroughly until I am completely satisfied that the understanding I have gained can be applied clinically. Before I begin to formulate any of my herbal solutions I achieve a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of the malady that the solution is to treat. Once I have reached this place of understanding, and not before that moment, I deduce an algorithm that then allows me to begin the herbal formulation process. I have always been deeply committed to my patient’s well-being, knowing that I am being trusted with their care, and I carry this with me in caring for your horses.

Joseph Thomas, Ph.D. has been a practitioner, teacher and consultant in Chinese medicine for more than twenty-five years, with a focus on Internal Medicine. Between 1993 and 1998 Dr. Thomas had the distinct honor of apprenticing with Leon Hammer, MD, one of the world’s foremost experts in both diagnostics and Chinese herbalism. Dr. Hammer modeled and lives the importance of respect and loving care for patients. “He taught me much more than Chinese medicine.”

Added to this training was his early work as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] scientist in medical research. Dr. Thomas’ research focus and inherent ability to think as a scientist united with his unique training and work in Chinese medicine is the foundation of his current expertise in formulation.

Doctor Joseph Thomas examining horseCurrently: In addition to his work as Clinical Director and Researcher with For Love of the Horse, Dr. Thomas has been selected to be a delegate on the Advisory Panel of the Equine Sciences Academy.

Dr. Thomas has also been contracted by Bryan Bownik, MD, FACP, director of the Integrative and Internal Medicine Center of the North Kansas City Hospital to create acupuncture pattern strategies for oncology patients. During the years that Dr. Thomas treated his patients with cancer, he developed the system he calls the Homunculus Network Model on which these strategies are based.

The following is Dr. Thomas’ Herbal Solution Formulation Strategy:

“When formulating an herbal solution, I begin with respect for the integrity of the single herbs and then consider them in relationship to one another. Each of these herbs has its own set of rules and properties that revolve around its inherent qualities.  Once the requirements of these properties are met, the individual herbs are considered for placement within clearly defined strategic groups. Similarly, each group must relate to each other group within a strict code of rules so that they support each other to satisfy the solution’s intent. Each group of herbs must hold together within an integrated relationship designed to benefit the underlying concept of the theme of the whole. The proportions of each of the individual herbs within a group and the proportions of the groups of herbs within the whole formula must be considered to create the solution’s experience as a single unifying focused intent.”