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Any vet would have put him down 10 times in that 20 day period, and we considered it more than once, but he rebounded and is now happy as a pig in mud.  He went to be a five year old girls' first pony, on Christmas day.  He has a new lease on life. We thank you. Read More >

Horse Health Herbs I immediately put them on MMP stop - and they NEVER GOT SORE!!! This is a first and I feel it is because they have been on the other formulas in addition to the MMP Stop. Thank you Dr. Thomas!  Read More >
Horse Health Herbs If you have a founder, MMP Stop Solution is the best to have on hand for "first responder/first aid"... Read More >
Pony Boo Pony Boo is doing remarkably better. I am in awe. When I let the horses out this morning after their morning hay, Pony Boo walked out with them! Read More >
Saddlebred I am writing to thank you for making available your wonderful Chinese herbal blends for horses. I have a 20 year old Saddlebred who has Equine Metabolic Syndrome... Read More >
Meanie Exactly 1 year ago Meanie was in so much pain and had been unable to walk--and had been in her stall suffering from the effects of Laminitis... Read More >

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