Respiratory Distress

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Sinus congestion
  • Rhinitis - inflammation of the mucous lining of the nose
  • Congestion, runny nose, phlegm
  • Upper respiratory problems
  • Cough

Respiratory DistressRespiratory Distress Solution is formulated to relieve upper respiratory congestion due to allergies or infection. The upper respiratory system extends from thethroat up through the larynx, and nasal passages.  Inflammation within this system, or within the sinus cavities (as they drain into the nose) causes nasal congestion, swelling of the mucous lining, runny nose, runny eyes and sneezing.

Respiratory Distress Solution is an herbal combination for upper respiratory issues such as acute and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. It relieves the symptoms of nasal problems: congestion, runny nose, mucosal swelling, and sensitivity to dust.  Included in the herbal groupings are herbs that address upper respiratory infections that present with cough, both dry or with phlegm, shortness of breath, wheezing, fever, and even epistaxis (nosebleed). This Herbal Solution is formulated for allergic and infectious sinus and upper respiratory problems and will inhibit cough and remove phlegm congestion from your horse’s lungs.

Respiratory Distress not appropriate for severe difficulty with breathing.

If you have specific concerns about your horse’s breathing difficulties, fill out questionnaire and submit it on line. We will carefully review the information you send to us and contact you promptly with our recommendation or, if need be, more questions.

Breathing Difficulties Questionnaire


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Inhibits cough
  • Removes congestion due to phlegm
  • Relieves allergic and infectious sinus condition


Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: ma dou ling, ju hua within a proprietary blend.

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