Ring Bone/Bone Spur

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Bony growth around the pastern area - high ringbone.
  • Bony bump on the coronet band - low ringbone.
  • Weight bearing lameness i.e. horse protects the affected limb to avoid compression of the joint.
  • Bone spurs - bony swelling on the hock, typically on the inside of the joint. The affected hoof tends to land toe first and may appear to drag as the horse tries to reduce the painful flexion of that joint.

Ring Bone/Bone SpurRingbone and bone spurs are typically thought of as osteoarthritic conditions and though they share the degenerative processes of joint and bone they are distinctive in the calcifications that create a “bony overgrowth” at the ringbone or bone spur location. High ringbone is located on the lower part of the large pastern bone or upper part of the small pastern bone. Low ringbone is located on the lower part of the small pastern bone or upper part of the coffin bone. As low ringbone is inside the hoof capsule itis less visible but may be seen as a bony bump on the coronet band. Bone spurs are sharp bony growths that form near the edge of joints, typically in the lower joints of the hock. Depending on location, progression and severity, both ringbone and bone spurs can produce mild to severe lameness due to pain.

These conditions are typically initiated by stress or trauma that aggravates and inflames the tendons, ligaments and joint capsules related to the affected area. Performance horses and horses that work on hard surfaces are especially at risk due to the impact of repetitive concussive force. Poor confirmation may predispose a horse to develop these conditions, as will poor shoeing or trimming, as both of these create uneven stress on the pastern and coffin joint and unequal tension on soft tissues.

Ringbone/Bone Spur Solution was formulated to dissolve bony overgrowths and relieve the pain specific to them. It directs the anti-inflammatory properties of the herbs to the area to reduce inflammation while activating circulation to ensure a full supply of nutrients and oxygen. This formula works at supporting healthy bone development through the bone marrow.

It takes time to dissolve bony overgrowths so the recovery process is relatively long. The symptom of pain will be relieved before the bones are fully recovered.


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Dissolves bony overgrowth
  • Relieves pain specific to bony overgrowths
  • Increases bone absorption of calcium
  • Activates circulation bringing potent supply of nutrients and oxygen to affected area
  • Disperses qi and blood stagnation
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation in affected area
  • Supports recovery of bone health through the bone marrow


Read What Others Are Saying

An update on my horse Easy. GOOD NEWS... I just started him on my last refill bag and I am sure I will not need any more Ringbone Formula. He has not limped for at least 7 weeks now on maintenance dosage of 4 scoops a day.  We have been riding him barefoot again for at least 2 months and have tested him out in the hills nearby. (His limping first showed up whenever he was going down a hill.) His ringbone was confirmed by x-rays by our local Vet. It has now been a little over 5 months and I am now tempted to take him back for some "after" x-rays but would rather spend the money on more of your formulas....

Thank you, Colleen Cornett
Norco, CA


Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: yin yang huo and gu sui bu within a proprietary blend.

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