Seizures/Distemper Solution for Dogs

Indicative Signs and Symptoms:

  • Sudden collapse - possibly with paddling motion of legs
  • Muscle twitching, jerking or stiffening
  • Seizures
  • Loss of consciousness during episode
  • Inability to control bowels
  • Visual disturbances or staring out into space
  • Drooling during episode

Hardy and LaurelHardy and LaurelSeizures are the result of sudden and abnormal neurological activity. There are multiple causes including distemper, infections, cancer, abscesses, heat stroke, ingestion of toxins, liver or kidney disease. While the cause of a seizure may often be idiopathic (unknown), it is very important to begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Early treatment is especially important when the diagnosis is idiopathic epilepsy. With each seizure, more nerve cells within the brain will begin to fire randomly. When this happens, the brain's threshold for seizures may continue to lower, leading to the likelihood for more seizures.

Canine distemper is an airborne viral disease that typically infects the dog by direct contact with virus particles from secretions of other infected animals - spread primarily through inhalation. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and weakness along with tremors and seizures are all symptoms of distemper. If distemper is the cause of the seizures, use Essential Immune along with this Seizures/Distemper formula.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Formulated to allow therapeutic actions to cross the blood brain barrier
  • Assists the return of neural signals to muscles
  • Reduces and stops muscle twitching and tremors, convulsions, disorientation
  • Restores muscle tone to atrophied muscles

Dosage information for Dogs

Ingredients: yu jin, ban xia within a proprietary blend.

Seizures/Distemper Solution for Dogs 270g

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