Settle Down

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Fearfulness temperament
  • Situational stress
  • Jumpy response to minimal changes in environment
  • Difficulty with focus due to nervous energy
  • Frequent shying, bolting or rearing

Settle Down Horse Health HerbsSettle Down is formulated to calm the horse's central nervous system. It relaxes and soothes the horse's nervous responsiveness, helping them regain a steady focused mindset.

As prey animals, horses are inherently vigilant and have an innate responsiveness to changes in their environment. Many horses have a "startle" response to unfamiliar objects, animals or even sounds that, to them, just suddenly appear and can trigger the classic "fight or flight response". For some horses though, due to their high fearfulness temperament or previous trauma, the response is exaggerated to the point that they can become dangerous to themselves or their caretakers. These horses shy, bolt or rear for no apparent reason. They are difficult to handle and unpredictable in their responses. They may become aggressive.

While some horses are born with a high fearfulness temperament, many others become highly fearful due to trauma. Trauma associated with physical pain or abuse sets up a hyper-vigilant fear response in a horse much like PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder).Heightened fearfulness due to trauma will affect the horse's health as well by weakening their immune system and giving them a proclivity to colic and other digestive upsets.

First, consider any aspects of your horse's environment that are stressful and alter them to accommodate the horse's needs as best you can. Horses are social animals and need companions. A horse separated from other horses or companion animals will be on heightened alert. Any horse that sees the environment as threatening will be nervous and hyper-vigilant in response. Horses adapt to many different circumstances if they can learn that they are safe and have all their needs well-tended.
Given that you've covered all that you can to insure your horse's sense of safety, if you still find your horse hyper reactive use Settle Down to help your horse calm down and learn to take the scary things more in stride.

Settle Down can be used for an extended time to calm your horse while you work to increase their trust. Or, if you are taking your horse through a situation that will be highly stressful, you can give it for a week prior, to the day after the event. This formula will help your horse stay calmer and more focused but it is not a sedative and should not be used as such. Your horse will still be responsive and reactive just more able to manage the stress.

Therapeutic Actions:

  • Settles the easily frightened horse
  • Reduces fearfulness
  • Inhibits overreactive central nervous system
  • Calms excessive worrying and restlessness
  • Relaxes your horse during stressful events

To help your horse through acute stressful situations, e.g. a horse frightened of being trailered; vet visits; any infrequent event that your horse finds particularly stressful or frightening: Give Settle Down to your horse at 5 X 3 for the entire week before the event through the day after.

To help your horse overcome a history of continual stress or even abuse: Give Settle Down long term beginning with a dosage of 4 X 3 for at least one bag then reduce to 5 X 2.

Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: suan zao ren and he huan pi within a proprietary blend.

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