Shoulder Tight

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Tightness or soreness in the shoulder area
  • Injury to shoulder
  • Inhibited movement in the shoulders and neck

Shoulder TightInjury, pain or tightness in the shoulder area causes restriction in the muscle group surrounding the scapula bones or shoulder blades. When severe, this muscle group can become so bound up that it completely restricts the movement of the shoulder blades, pinching the scapula nerves (supraspinatus and infraspinatus nerves) against the scapula bone. This produces excruciating pain for the horse, severely inhibits the movement of the shoulder area and progressively impacts the related musculoskeletal system. The horse’s body adapts for this restricted movement and pain by growing the hoof wall longer, creating a malformed hoof on the side of the scapula restriction, often called a club foot (Pete Ramey; Natural Horse Magazine, 2005).

Physiologically, the treatment process needed is to increase the blood circulation to the scapula area and relax the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades. The Shoulder Tight Solution directs the properties of the herbs to the neck (cervical vertebrae)and scapula, surrounding muscles and the connecting tendons and ligaments to increase the blood circulation and supply nutrients. The effect is to relax the entire system, reduce pain and allow the whole physiology to heal. Because there is likely to be inflammation, a group of anti-inflammatory herbs are included to expedite the recovery process and bring relief as quickly as possible.


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Increases blood circulation to neck & scapula
  • Relaxes muscles surrounding shoulder blade
  • Relaxes involved musculoskeletal system
  • Relieves pain
  • Anti-inflammatory


Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: xu duan,ge gen with a proprietary blend.

Shoulder Tight Solution for Horses 705g

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Shoulder Tight/Tendon Repair Solution
- 07/25/2018
Miss Abby is a 14 lb. Mini Dachshund, 6 yrs old. She was misdiagnosed on first exam, Thought the problem was in the shoulder. Upon re-exam by the lead vet at the practice she was determined to have tendonitis of the left front leg. I ordered the tendon repair solution. Have been giving 3/4 spoon 3X daily for about 1 wk to tendays. She is walking with out a limp and is feeling much better. Thank you for your wonderful product. Tina was very pleasant and helpful when I called.

Marti Hill