Sore Muscle Relief

Indicative Signs and Symptoms

  • Stiff, sore muscles after extended confinement
  • Sore muscles following exercise - indicated by reluctance to move
  • Sharp, intractable pain inhibiting movement during strenuous workout

Sore Muscle ReliefHorses have muscle soreness due to both lack of movement and over use.

When horses are stalled or trailered for an extended time, they develop muscle soreness especially in the lower leg. This occurs from a deficiency in circulation. When circulation is limited the muscles are deprived of the essential vitamins, minerals, and oxygen needed for smooth healthy movement. In Chinese medicine this source of muscle soreness is known as "blood deficiency”. Muscle soreness of this type will remain until the reduced blood circulation improves.

Over use will also cause muscle soreness and pain. For example, a horse that is not exercised regularly, and then is "asked" to do a long trail ride is going to have sore, possibly painful, muscles because they were pushed past their limits. A horse in such a situation is likely to be reluctant to move forward/out the next time asked.

When a horse’s muscles are pushed past the physical limits in the course of strenuous athletic activity, such as racing or endurance, the pain can be immediate and sharp.

In Chinese medical terms there is a buildup of “internal heat” causing the muscles to seize. When this happens, the blood circulation drops rapidly leaving the muscles in a state of “blood stagnation” and “blood deficiency”. Pain during blood stagnation is always sharp and, in these situations, intractable.

The primary herbal group in Sore Muscle Relief increases blood circulation delivering the needed nourishment to the muscles.  The therapeutic actions of the assistant group of herbs is added to soothe sore, painful muscles. An adjunct herbal grouping relieves the sharp pain of muscle cramping by breaking up blood stagnation.


Therapeutic Actions:

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Nourishes blood
  • Soothes aching/sore muscles
  • Absorbs fibrous tissue
  • Relieves muscle cramping
  • Breaks up blood stagnation to relieve sharp intractable pain


Dosage Recommendation

Ingredients: mo yao and xi xian cao within a proprietary blend.

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