Strangles and Total Immune Health Bundle

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Strangles Solution for Horses 720g
Total Immune Health Solution for Horses 705g
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Save $25.00 when you purchase both Herbal Solutions
Strangles Solution for Horses 720g
Total Immune Health Solution for Horses 705g

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Strangles and Total Immune Health Bundle

Strangles is the common name of a highly contagious Streptococcus infection typically found in young horses although older horses are susceptible.

The infection localizes in the lymph nodes of the throat and can enlarge them so much that it impairs the horse’s breathing and swallowing. It is the swelling of these tissues that pose the most immediate threat to your horse’s life.

So effective treatment must focus immediately on the reduction of the swelling in the lymph glands and the elimination of accumulated pus to relieve the difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Targeting the Streptococcus infection and building the immune defense system is critical.

This powerful combination of herbal formulas does both.

Strangles Solution directs the therapeutic actions of the individual herbs within this formula to the lymph nodes in your horse’s neck and throat; quickly and efficiently reducing the swelling and removing the accumulated phlegm. This herbal formula specifically inhibits Streptococcus and also reduces fever. Read more about Strangles Solution.

Total Immune Health specifically formulated to assist the immune system in the production of white blood cells. This potent herbal formula is not an immune supplement or an immune "booster" but rather works directly at the developmental source of leukocyte production, i.e. bone marrow. Because Total Immune Health supports the root of the immune system, it is able to stimulate the production of the specific leukocytes needed to fight off infection and keep the immune system healthy. Read more about Total Immune Health.

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