Anita Curtis, Pottstown, PA

BBBB One summer day in 2013 I noticed that my Arabian mare, BB's eye was swollen and runny. I thought it was an allergy to some grass, kept the area clean, and the symptoms became very mild. Winter came and BB's symptoms returned and were not as mild. I knew this was not just about grass, so I called the veterinarian who checked her carefully. When the veterinarian said "uveitis" I felt sick. I had never seen good results from that diagnosis and the veterinarian could not say that she would not go blind eventually. I purchased a small tube of gooey medicine to put in her eye and worried that she might move while I was treating her and I would poke the tip of the tube in her eye. I stopped and the symptoms returned. There had to be something better.

A friend told me about For Love of the Horse. This problem was not looking good and I had doubts that it could be fixed, but I called the company. It was the BEST phone call I have ever made. BB has been on her Uveitis Solution since May, 2014. A couple of times I thought her eye looked a little puffy and adjusted the dosage for a few days until it looked normal. The veterinarian was here for something else a few years ago and I had her check BB's eyes. She could not find any trace of uveitis.

When BB finishes her meals there is never an oat left or a trace of Uveitis Solution left.

Thank you for your wonderful work.

BB and Anita Curtis

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