Beth Russell, Smithville, MO

CloudCloudCloud is a 30 year old gelding whose middle name is "Favorite". He works in my herd at Serenity Life Resource Center as a therapy horse, helping people who have experienced trauma. Cloud has an amazing gift to hold healing space for people who have been hurt in life. Several years ago, Cloud had his first episode of choke. He was terrified! He could not swallow or breathe. He kept trying to climb up in my lap with his thousand pound body, hoping I could help him. It was horrible to watch the vet basically pump his stomach! He had a total of three choke episodes, with each one leaving more scar tissue in his throat, making him more susceptible to another episode. I had him on a special water soluble food which I soaked thoroughly before allowing him to have it. I was terrified that someone at the place where I boarded him would try to feed him a treat or anything solid and he would choke without me knowing. I worried about this all the time. Then, I found out about the Choke Formula at For Love of The Horse. I gave him several months of the Choke Solution formula. At first, I did not know if the formula worked because I did not want to test it out by giving him anything other than his watered down food. Then, one day someone left the grain room open while I was away. Cloud went into the room and pulled out a bag of sweet feed. In the past he could not have any grain like that without completely choking. He was able to pull the bag out into the corral. When I came upon the scene, he had the entire bag over his head finishing it off. He was one happy gelding! I panicked! I began to cry because I imagined that he was really going to choke and maybe even die. When I approached him he had a full belly and was prancing around with joy because of all the grain he had eaten. There was no sign of choke. In fact, he had eaten the grain freely without any problem at all! I was so relieved! It has been almost a year since then and he has not had any choke episodes. I still soak his food because he's an older horse with older teeth. However, I am not worried about him getting ahold of someone else's food and I don't stay in fear about what might happen if someone accidentally gave him a treat. I believe the choke formula healed his throat. He is a very, happy healthy gelding!

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