Brock M, Mars, Pennsylvania

Both Rambo & Toby have Cushing's (trouble processing sugar). I was using platinum performance daily with Smart pac supplements. Two years in a row, both horses became lame with laminitis. Suggested vet care (ice bath/bute) took 2 weeks to pass. I switched to EMS and had a single bout of laminitis late this season. Gave 2 doses of MMP & saw dramatic results with the episode passing in days. The vet prescribed limited pasture time for life after the initial episodes (2 years ago). Toby & Rambo have had free use of pastures since starting the EMS daily 18 months ago. 1 minor episode that was immediately reversed utilizing EMS & MMP. I NEVER write reviews but felt compelled to do so, given the dramatic quality of life improvement. Without EMS/MMP my horses would have been confined to 2 hours pasture time per day(per vet). I'll take unlimited pasture time for my horses INSTEAD! My barn is attached to pasture so "unlimited pasture time" means 7am to 7pm with free reign of barn over night. Toby & Rambo are very HAPPY!

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