Carly Rowe - Wauconda, IL

PipRowdyOur Quarter Horse, Rowdy contracted EPM as a 5 year old, 2 years ago. It hit him hard within a month. To the point he couldn't see certain days, he was 2 horses one in front and one in back. Dragging his toes, falling down, having a hard time getting back up, stepping all over his own legs. It got so ugly we were talking about just having him put down. I knew the modern vet medicine would kill him and it was so expensive. He was just so incredibly sick. I stumbled across your website while browsing for anything that might help him one day and called and spoke with Melissa. She had assured me that if I started him on this Neurological and the Total Immune Herbs he should make a full recovery. I was skeptical but at this point it was worth a shot, heck if he can be pasture sound maybe we can make him a buddy horse. We began the herbs and in a half a week he was holding steady and had not gotten worse. Fast forward to one month and a week, he was back to work on a lunge line! I could not believe what I was seeing. This was incredible. Then later that month (a couple weeks later) I rode him, he felt strong again! It was truly remarkable. Maybe he might actually get back to his job? He was a barrel horse that needed seasoning. He ran his first barrel race 4 months later after starting the herbs. We kept him on them for 4 months. He is now our daughter's Jr Rodeo horse and he is better than he ever was! I could not thank everyone at For Love of the Horse enough. This horse should be either dead or only be pasture sound. He runs in every bit of ground we put him and he LOVES his job. Thank you for saving Rowdy.

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