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MarleeMarleeHere's a story of learning to listen to cats and take their health issues in your own hands. I experienced more than a month of uncertainty, multiple vet appointments, and fear that I would lose my sweet cat Marlee, age 13. I learned, through my experience with Joseph and Crystal at For Love of the Horse (FLOH), that accepting one answer from one veterinarian is not the only way. There is a way to utilize traditional veterinary care combined with natural herbal solutions.

It began in June (2022) and here are some of the notes on my calendar:

  • June 17: Marlee vomited and stopped eating.
  • June 18: Marlee spent the night at the vet receiving fluids due to dehydration. Blood tests.
  • June 22: Vet's diagnosis was kidney disease and, if Marlee wouldn't eat and drink on her own, it might be time to let her go. "She's very sick." I took control and sent Marlee's blood tests to Blue Pearl emergency vet.
  • June 23: Blue Pearl vet recommended starting Marlee on Amoxicillen.
  • June 23: Contacted Leah at FLOH

When I contacted FLOH, Leah consulted with Dr. Thomas and recommended Essential Immune Health solution for Marlee. I didn't know that they had formulas for cats but, of course, they do. It's just not often that a cat will accept receiving herbs through a syringe. Sweet Marlee sits on my lap patiently and allows me to syringe feed her Essential Immune Health formula twice a day and three times if I can.

  • June 25: Started Essential Immune Health formula
  • June 28: Marlee ate for the first time in 12 days and drank water
  • July 11: Marlee's urine culture indicated e-coli in her kidneys
  • July 13: Started Marlee on a new round of antibiotics in tandem with herbs
  • Nov. 8: Marlee's urine culture showed no evidence of e-Coli.

I'm certain that between Jun 25 and Nov. 8, Essential Immune Health formula began to increase Marlee's ability to fight off e-Coli and kept her alive.

Here it is December and Marlee runs up the stairs and is back to her sweet self again. It's been a miraculous experience seeing her health return. Feeding her herbs this way has made her even more loving and cuddly. I will continue giving her Essential Immune Health for the rest of her life.

Cats have their own unique way of communicating to us and I, unfortunately, didn't understand Marlee's message to me when she began urinating outside the litter box. I've learned to listen more carefully and I believe that she feels better than she has in years.

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