Diana Dunn - Milner, Georgia

BellaBellaBella was diagnosed with Pemphigus and was put on steroids to prevent her nose/hair and tip of ears from attacking itself. Due to the use of the steroids she developed an incontinence issue, and we went ahead and put her on the recommended drugs. As time went on, I was concerned about the long term effects of the medications she was taking especially the steroids. I was at a bodyworks workshop and met a lady that recommended a ringbone formula from For the Love of the Horse. When I saw that they also offered dog formulas, I contacted them to see if they had anything for Pemphigus and Incontinence. I provided all of Bella’s medical information and they were able to create a custom blend for both problems. We started Bella on the incontinence formula first and was cleared up within a couple of weeks, in fact we never finished the bag. The Pemphigus did take a bit longer mainly because she really wasn’t fond of the taste of that formula - think about trying to get a kid to eat broccoli. Once we figured out how to mix the food/formula to where she would eat her full dosage, we saw improvement in just a couple of weeks. Her nose started to clear up in a couple of weeks, but what impressed us the most was her overall wellbeing. Bella was starting to play with our two other dogs - she had more energy and just seemed happy overall. She has been on the formula since late January - and I am happy to report that her nose and ears are doing wonderful, not to mention her overall HAPPY attitude. I am so blessed to have found For the Love of the Horse not only do the formula's work, but their whole team really takes a vested interest in my case.

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