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Skipper 1Skipper with Granddaughters In late March, early April of 2021, Skipper developed difficulty breathing. My vet diagnosed him with Equine Asthma (Heaves) and recommended Dexamethazone treatment for 10 days which we did. He was better up until 3 days after the Dexamethazone was finished. He then returned to the difficulty in breathing. After looking for alternatives, I found a review on For the Love of The Horse and visited the website. I liked what I read so I ordered the Heaves Solution and Total Immune solution and he started those in June of 2021. He made some progress but Dr Thomas thought he needed a special blend and developed a Respiratory solution for Skipper. So, he has had his ups and downs, and also I started giving him nebulizer treatments and an occasional inhaler. Skipper Skipper with Nebulizer At his worse time, his respirations were 36/m, dropped 200-300# and really was struggling. But, gradually, over this time, he has greatly improved. His respirations are now staying 6-8/m with no exaggerated expirations. We began using up to 12 scoops of each formula twice a day and in January of this year, I started weaning him down every two weeks. Yesterday we dropped to 4 scoops of each twice a day. Skipper has come a long way since June of last year, but, I know that Equine Asthma is not curable but it can be managed so he is comfortable. It has been a very long journey for both of us. I can still remember when 2 veterinarians told me to put him down. No way, I have to find a way to help my friend. He turned 25 this month and I have had him since he was a 2 year old. So, this is my story and I want to Thank all the people that have helped us, especially Tina and Sarah. We Love You.

Skipper 3Skipper Last Fall (2021) First picture is prior to Skipper's difficulty breathing with my granddaughters.
Second picture is Skipper with his nebulizer.
Third picture was taken last fall.

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