Letter from Dutch Henry, Appomattox, VA., author.
DSLD and Tendon Repair on 5-16-22:

RosieRosieHowdy Friends! This is a testimonial to the progress in my mare's tendon repair – Specifically Related To Her Diagnosed DSLD (degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis).

It is widely believed DSLD is "incurable." We'll see. Dr. Thomas believes it IS indeed curable.

I have enjoyed a long relationship with Dr Thomas and everyone at "For Love of the Horse." I have had grand success with his formulas both in my own person (terrible back degeneration healed) my horses (Heaves and Lyme disease totally healed). And when I used to travel doing posture clinics I saw many horses in a wide range of ailments, including Uveitis, Melanoma, and Arthritis, healed. I always say, "Doc's herbs work every time when protocol is followed correctly." Because they do.

Let's now look at my current re-hab, Miss Rosie. Now a 20 year old Paso Fino Mare, who had been a brood mare and endured years of neglect. I adopted her April 2020, when she was 18. Grossly overweight, teeth growing through her tongue, cheeks, and palate. She was ewe-necked and her top-line badly dropped. Her feet had been neglected for a very long time, grossly overgrown. She is sickle-hocked in rear, and slightly behind the knee up front. Her confirmation alone puts strains on her tendons, and overall posture. I said the day I brought her home I had a 30 year old, 18 year old.

We spent the first 18 months addressing teeth, feet, weight, diet – And used Dr. Thomas' herbs to cure her Lyme disease, addressed her laminitis, and hoof strength, as well as overall muscle and skeletal repair – With Dr. Thomas' herbal blends. In addition to the herbs, diet, and exercise, even light ground work, were employed to regain proper posture, body carriage, weight loss and strength. It is important even with these almost magical herbs, to do the other things to re-hab a body.

Things changed greatly. Overall much improvement. Her posture was much better, topline improved, neck was pretty good. She needed more, but wonderful improvement.

About November of 2021 I began to focus on her tendons. Understand they had improved with proper diet, exercise, and hoof care (YES I'm a barefoot fanatic! And trim my own feet. It took much experimentation to find Rosie's comfort zone – And it is still adjusting. But her feet are now beautiful.) Her "dropped" rear fetlocks, and windpuffs – (Which when I got her went up to her hock) – and front sagging of her ankles in motion began to demand my full attention and focus. All these issues had improved, but only to a point. Her left hind being the worst, which would drop to the point where her fetlock would nearly touch the ground when fully loaded.

When we got Rosie she could not lift her hind legs to back up, she slid them. From a standstill she struggled terribly to turn left or right. At first I thought it was foot pain, and arthritis. But I later realized she simply did not want to load those back legs to turn.

Focusing then, about November 2021, on the tendons. I had a vet come, who is great, to diagnose and do acupuncture. Rosie got acupuncture in all four legs and her topline. The vet said Rosie has DSLD all around. And it's manageable but not curable. But I had seen improvement! Just from what we'd already done.

SO, I called For Love Of The Horse. Spoke to Tina. A long time, haha. And she suggested their "Tendon Repair." Which we put Rosie on a high dose, December 2021. Friends, in just about 2 weeks I saw the beginnings of a difference! First thing, the windpuffs began to reduce. In a month, standing her hind legs looked better. Walking still looked the same. We were still doing exercise groundwork, but I decided to pause that to give the herbs time to strengthen her tendons.

December, January, February, March, no groundwork exercises, just the herbs, and healing. Her legs changed almost weekly. It truly was like magic. Walking, I noticed her "dropped" fetlocks so much improved. The left hind still dropped way too much, but noticeably less. Right hind seemed positively normal. Fronts had more strength than I ever hoped there would be.

A few points of importance: Her rear tendons, in addition to the swelling, had a series of "bumps," on them. I suppose from healed tears. By the end of April 2022, they were nearly gone! Only tiny remnants remained! And her legs ALL kept getting slimmer, and slimmer. In fact, for our groundwork exercises I always wrapped her with "Iconoclast" leg wraps (I think the best out there) – And last year she needed a "Medium" . . . When we started back with our groundwork exercises in April, her legs had "Slimmed," so much I needed to get her a size small!! (And today as I write this May 16, 2022, the "Smalls" overlap!

Where are we today? So much has changed with Rosie since we began the "Tendon Repair" formula. Her overall posture has improved to a sweet body carriage. She looks totally different, even from where I had her in December! She moves about much more light footed. Turning from a stop, either left or right has little to no hesitation – She's not afraid to load those back legs! Not only does she lift her back legs when backing, she can lift them up to back up and over our 4 inch high platform. Three of the four pasterns show little to no drop even when loaded. Though there does remain room for improvement there. The problematic left hind is now dropping about 50 to 60% of what it used to – And only when fully loaded (Meaning it is the only leg lifting weight). And it will continue to improve as well we are sure.

Because of the new strength in her leg tendons (But the Tendon Repair helps tendons overall) Rosie's new posture is simply beautiful. Ewe-neck completely gone, her topline when walking is almost level! Those damaged tendon "bumps" in her back legs, completely gone! Her windpuffs are sometimes completely gone, never more than the size of a dime. I now say she looks like a 15 year old, 20 year old!

Rosie is still on the "Tendon Repair," formula. Six scoops twice a day. Dr. Thomas said the formula IS designed to totally heal the tendons, EVEN, DSLD. But no one has stayed the course long enough to prove it. What you have read here is my first hand account, with an old, neglected mare, and the proof thus far of the healing by these herbs. We will be staying the course over the next months, and we'll get even Rosie's left hind picked up, I'm confident. And I'll keep you up to date.

Next week I plan to begin riding Rosie. Ten minutes every other day at first. Off days ground work exercises. My goal is to get this little girl, who folks said will never support the weight of a rider, to carry me on the trail for an hour, a time or two a week. With Dr. Thomas' herbs I have no doubt!

One last comment. Yes friends this is an expensive journey. It adds up over the months. But they work, so if you can save your horse – Therefore, I say it is not expensive! Also, for just regular tendon injuries, strains, it does not take long at all. What we are doing with Miss Rosie, IS PROVING WE CAN SAVE THOSE HORSES OUT THERE WITH DSLD! It is not a death sentence! But we must stay the course. I hope this gives you happy hope! And I'll give an update when Rosie is completely healed!

Dutch Henry.

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