Hilary Markey, Poway, CA

VincentVincentIt has taken me some time to be able to write this review because it brings back a very difficult loss in my family's life. Vincent was our soul mate, he was the most beautiful gift anyone could ask for. He came into our lives at age 14 after some years of being abandoned at our ranch. He had a bad reputation for being difficult and even causing some injuries but knowing him as we know him now we are certain that this was the result of poor care and Vincent not understanding why his life had gone downhill so quickly. It took us a year to win his trust and by the time we lost him at age 21 he was an absolute barn favorite and everyone adored this 17 hand gentle giant appendix horse.

Vincent spent 4 years racing under quarterhorse rules but had a small problem with staying straight! No doubt this was the reason that by the time he came into our lives he had a fairly serious case of arthritis in his left stifle joint.

For the first years we treated it with HA, steroid injections and various joint supplements as well as a low daily dose of Equiox to manage any remaining discomfort. This worked for a while but gradually the effects of the injections wore off more quickly and the Equiox dose needed to be increased. We also didn't like the fact that the joint supplements tended to contain other ingredients that were already included in something else we were feeding so that we were actually feeding too high a concentration e.g. glucosamine. We decided to look for an alternative natural treatment that wouldn't have this overdosing issue. That is when through a Google search We discovered For Love of the Horse. We ordered the arthritis solution and were amazed to see that within a week Vincent starting showing a very noticeable improvement in his comfort level and ability to perform a daily work program, initially including low jumping courses and gymnastic lines but in his last two years purely flat work.

Sadly Vincent developed Cushings in these last years of his life and although we had great success in controlling it with the Love of the Horse EMS/Cushing’s/IR formula after a very wet winter he developed a foot infection which expanded into the hoof capsule and although we fought it for months with a three legged horse, Vincent's immune system could not beat the infection and finally we lost him. Throughout the struggle of the last few months the vet was convinced that Vincent would founder, which he never did (if worried we put him on MMP stop solution immediately and even though the vet x-rayed his feet several times during this period he was always really surprised to see there had been no rotation). The vet also warned us that horses of Vincent's size often end up having to be put down because they ended up not being able to get up any more. To this day the vet is amazed that right up to the end Vincent was still able to get up and down on three legs multiple times a day but we know the reason was this arthritis formula. Although in the end Vincent was only staying up for 10 - 15 min at a time he would jump up immediately if we went anywhere near his halter, he was such a heroic fighter.

We thank For Love of the Horse with all our hearts for these products and for giving us these extra years and final months with our beloved horse. We have used multiple solutions over the years and have seen a positive response to every single one of them. We went into this whole treatment program on the skeptical side but now we are complete believers in these solutions. I hope by sharing Vincent's story we can convince others involved in struggles to help their equine friends to give these solutions a chance, they really work.

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