Leslie Hughes and Finally's Twice Baked aka Baker - Albany, NY

Finally's Twice Baked aka Baker - 1I have to say that I was totally a skeptic when I first heard about herbs. But after what my 20 year old Morgan gelding went through from June 2010 to present, was so unbelievable I had to do something. Baker started with a diagnosis of Cushing’s and than an abscess in June in his back right hoof. We soaked, put Ichthammol and did everything we could and finally it broke out through the coronary band. Hooray!

Well, that was just the start. He had 7 abscesses, an attack of laminitis and he even foundered in his back right hoof. We seriously discussed putting him down as he was in such intense pain, he was laying down and wouldn't get up. He was put on Pergolide and didn't improve. He was depressed, not eating and he looked like a Bashkir Curly horse. Nothing wrong with Bashkir Curly horses, but I have a Morgan. He was sweating so much that he looked like a horse that had been hosed. We had to keep a fleece cooler on him as it got colder to soak up the sweat. Nothing seemed to help and I was ready to say goodbye to my close friend of 17 years.

Then I read about For Love of the Horse and I got on the website and even though I was encouraged by what I read, I still wasn't sure if it would really work. I discussed it with my vet Dr. Ryan Penno and he told me to go ahead and try the herbs, and that they couldn't hurt. He told me horses are like people. For some, herbs are the greatest thing that ever happened, and for others they don't work at all. So I went ahead and ordered the EMS/Cushing’s/IR herbs, the Total Immune Health herbs and the Hoof Ailments herbs.

I was worried about giving him the herbs since he seems to detect medication or supplements in his grain and won't eat them. We have to give him them by syringe since even the apple flavored Bute was no going to fool him! At first he resisted when I started with the syringe and water, but with a gradually wetting of his lips, he started licking them as soon as they came out of the syringe. We finally mixed the herbs with water and a handful of grain and he comes into the stall licking his lips. There is NOTHING left in the feed tub when he is finished.

After 2 months, he has lost most of the curly coat and is back to just a winter coat. He no longer sweats and is back to being interested in what is going on in the barn. He still lies down, but nowhere near as much as he did. He pulled his halter off the stall door and dropped it on the floor. We've been walking every day and today he actually spooked and danced sideways when the snow fell off the roof of the hay barn. Then when the dogs came flying around the corner, he bounced and pranced and shook his head. For me it was like seeing the old Baker again! He has not had any bute since we began the herbs on December 5th. I've left his stall gate open since he hasn't been walking while I clean, and the other day he actually walked out of his stall and the barn and started down the driveway towards the hay barn! He didn't trot, but he walked faster when I tried to catch up to him. That's my old Baker.

I can not tell you how pleased I am with how the herbs have worked for me. The farrier is so pleased with the new growth on his hooves and feels he will be able to be ridden again. After seeing how much he has progressed, it just might happen.


Finally's Twice Baked aka Baker - 2April 2011 update:I just had to let you know the latest information on my Morgan gelding Finally's Twice Baked aka Baker. He has Cushing’s and had terrible bouts of abscesses, laminitis and founder over the past year. I started him on the herbs in December 2010 and cannot believe the change in him. I turned him out last week with his stablemate Diamond and they GALLOPED around the riding ring for 10 minutes bucking and kicking and having a wonderful time. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed seeing him galloping again. I had tears running down my face! He seemed so happy and free. The farrier was here on Tuesday and he was absolutely amazed at how much hoof had grown in the five weeks since he was here. He showed me all of the old hoof where the abscesses were and how the new hoof had grown in and how good the frog looked. The vet was here today and he told me to go ahead and start riding Baker for short periods of time about 15-20 minutes on soft ground and see how he does.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my friend and companion. I have told everyone who has horses about these herbs and what they have done for my horse. I wish the company much success with other horses!

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